The One World Order, the Conservative Charade
Part 11
Deanna Spingola
28 June 2006

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 One very key point, repeated daily for decades, by the most vociferous voices, is that the media is liberal. The conservatives have a giant advantage over their appointed opponents, the liberals: a cohesive, complaining group who monopolize air time claiming that a liberal bias exists in the media. From rich to poor, the masses gain the majority of their information from the media and take great pride in being well-informed, morally superior, pro-war conservatives. One might doubt a premise from just one media source but multiple sources gives credibility despite any lack of clear-cut evidence on any issue. Switch channels or stations – it is all the same news and every network conceals the most egregious of the government's actions.

Dissident voices are rare and quickly disqualified as treasonous, out of touch, unpatriotic, un-American or putting our troops in harm’s way or helping Al Qaeda - all a subtle excuse for media censorship and suspension of the 1st Amendment. Dissent is never allowed in a dictatorship, especially one that claims to promote freedom. One apparent exception is the illegal alien invasion, however misdirected the criticism really is. Typical voter apathy has turned to outrage over what is essentially an invasion by invitation. As usual, Congress languishes, pretending to work on the situation while Americans pay the price. 

The purported conservative voices include but are not limited to: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Praeger, Bill Bennett, Sean Hannity, Michael Reagan, Matt Drudge, Oliver North, Ann Coulter, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Rusty Humphries, Larry Elder, Neal Boortz, Mark Davis, G. Gordon Liddy and don’t forget the televangelists. There are also numerous individuals who author newspaper columns and well publicized books. Who do the liberals have? Who is comparable among the radio, television, and print personalities? If you can think of anyone – how regularly is he or she verbally vanquished and vilified by the conservatives?

So-called conservative talk show hosts do not educate or enlighten but present a deceptive dialogue of disinformation which promotes the theoretical global war of terror and supports the party line, despite which party is currently running the show. They brainwash their listeners and intimidate and insult their non compliant callers as they glorify death and war disguised as patriotism. Howard Zinn says that "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." [1]

Mark Hertzgaard said: “The biggest political joke in America is that we have a liberal press. It's a joke taken seriously by a surprisingly large number of people. The myth of the liberal press has served as a political weapon for conservative and right-wing forces eager to discourage critical coverage of government and corporate power. Americans now have the worst of both worlds: a press that, at best, parrots the pronouncements of the powerful and, at worst, encourages people to be stupid with pseudo-news that illuminates nothing but the bottom line.”  [2]

In 1995 Bill Kristol confessed to the New Yorker: “The liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.” [3]

The charges of liberal bias are just maneuvers in a cynical game explained Rich Bond, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee. The nasty accusations hurled at the liberals by angry wannabe victims function like the heckling of passionate sports spectators who scream and yell “unfair” over every single penalty. “The referee will think twice before blowing the whistle” and might “cut you a little slack on the next one. Conservatives have learned to ‘work the ref’ so diligently that their exclusion is one of the most widely discussed topics in the media – with them doing most of the talking.” [4] The poor, pitiful highly visible and very verbal, amply paid conservatives would have us believe that they are all “media outcasts” all the while hosting and appearing on numerous radio and television shows.

According to Mark Crispin Miller, the so-called liberal press was a consistent advocate for Bush and his collaborating cronies. The mainstream media either downplayed or suppressed the following brief list of fascistic incidences involving an insecure but dictatorial President Bush who obviously recognized his numerous shortcomings but could never tolerate any appearance of opposition:

·        They hid the many evidences of Bush’s unpopularity;

·        They repressed some of the worst news of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan;

·        The media repressed news of war crimes repeatedly facilitated by the lies of the administration;

·        The Bush White House withheld the October 19th CIA report on 9/11 until after the election;

·        There was no mainstream coverage of Bush’s true standing in his party;

·        Many well-known Republicans were actually backing Kerry;

·        The press hid evidence of Bush’s low repute;

·        The press was silent on Bush’s international unpopularity;

·        In the 2004 campaign the press ignored any evidence that the president was not well liked;

·        The press ignored new voters and many polls which preferred Kerry;

·        The press did not report the egregious behavior on the part of Bush and company on the campaign trail such as barring people from events, or having others arrested who happened to voice any opposition;

·        Hundreds, some not even protestors, were arrested and held illegally during the Republican convention in New York;

·        Anyone not showing obvious enthusiasm on the convention floor was ousted;

·        The TV networks refused to air ads for Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 911

·        A couple in Corpus Christi were arrested for wearing anti-Bush T-shirts at a Bush speech. After their release she was fired from her FEMA job;

·        Admission was denied to a Bush event for anyone wearing Kerry stickers on their clothes;

·        The press ignored the fact that Bush selected certain groups to speak to on the campaign trail – perfect for photo ops.

·        Hours and hours of air time and column space was given to the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth,” an expensive propaganda tactic hatched by Karl Rove;

·        There was hardly a mention of Bush’s military irregularities including the missing 1972 physical, 1970 pictures of Bush wearing medals he had not received and unexplained lengthy absences (AWOL);

·        The press ignored the fact that Bush could not or would not produce a valid DD214 (discharge papers). [5]
Our current president has refused to produce legitimate records regarding his birth, his college records or his records at Columbia University where no one can remember him.

One glaring incident involved Dan Rather, along with four television news producers, all formerly of CBS News. The four were Mary Mapes, Betsy West, Josh Howard, and Mary Murphy. [6] Their offense: they “exposed a rich kid whose powerful daddy got him out of the military draft during the war in Vietnam. The rich kid is the president; the daddy was another president.” [7] CBS appointed an Independent Review Panel, consisting of just two people, to determine the ethics of the five individuals. The two experts were Dick Thornburgh, Attorney General in the administration of George H. W. Bush and Louis Boccardi. Thornburgh, hardly objective, is known to have “whitewashed the investigation of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.” With his help, Exxon escaped full culpability. [8] Oil and water do not mix but oil and Bush have always been an interesting concoction.

Viacom, the owner of CBS, is the second-largest media company in the country and is owned by Sumner M. Redstone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, a very rich media mogul. Viacom also owns Nickelodeon, MTV, Infinity Broadcasting, Paramount, Blockbuster and BET on cable, as well the UPN broadcast network. Redstone is the mega media mogul responsible for the ousting of Dan Rather who dared question the war president’s military record. Out with free speech, investigative reporting and in with political and corporate expediency.

“Reacting to the document scandal at CBS News, Sumner M. Redstone, chairman and chief executive of Viacom, CBS' parent, vowed that the results of a recently announced probe would be ‘appropriate’ and the consequences will be appropriate.” [9] In December 2005, Viacom changed its name to CBS Corporation. See a list of CBS assets here. Viacom became a spin-off company.

Redstone spoke at the Forbes Global CEO Conference and stated that he was “very concerned” about a 60 Minutes story from September 8, 2004 by Dan Rather that suggested glaring irregularities in President George W. Bush's military record. “CBS has since conceded that the documents on which the story was based could not be authenticated. Rather has apologized, and CBS News has said the story was a mistake.” [10] A lengthy career was over – and his name will always be associated with this incident – an inconvenient truth jeopardizing the One World Order agenda of a Bush second term. If the media were truly liberal, as frequently claimed, the exposure of the multiple skeletons in the Bush closet would have been quickly revealed by the so-called liberal media.

Prior to Rather's CBS demise the former CBS anchor appeared on the BBC in June 2002. He appeared older, looked defeated and admitted that he dared not speak on American TV. He said: "Fear keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions." Rather remarked that a deadly censorship had seized U.S. newsrooms, especially after the September 11 attack. He said that news on the U.S. tube was “bound and gagged.” He continued: “Any reporter who stepped out of line would be professionally lynched as un-American.” Certain reporters from The New York Times are currently finding this to be the case. Back in the U.S. Rather “smothered his professional conscience and told his TV audience, "George Bush is the president. He makes the decisions. If he wants me to line up, just tell me where.” [11]

In commenting on the upcoming U.S. presidential election, media mogul Redstone said that while Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) was a nice guy, the re-election of President Bush would be better for Viacom's interests, since the Administration backed deregulation and other issues that would help the company. [12] Kerry, who did go to Vietnam compared to Bush who didn’t, was the subject of Unfit for Duty, an explosive and very timely book allegedly exposing Kerry’s unearned medals and lack of courage. Private, corporate ownership of the media includes an exclusive opportunity, through firing and hiring practices, to greatly affect elections. The neo-cons stated in their PNAC Statement of Principles: “It is important to shape circumstances.” [13]

At 10:22 a.m. (EST) on the morning of November 3, 2004, the day after the election and before Kerry’s concession at 1:57 p.m., the president of the Heritage Foundation sent email to 200,000 members asking for a “generous contribution” to help the foundation do “what we have to do right now” – help “President Bush and his allies in Congress” to keep cutting taxes, “modernize Social Security, “weed out terrorists and perfect the military.” Jumping the gun and speeding ahead with one’s agenda is either arrogant overconfidence, supported by the corporate press or sure knowledge supplied by conspiratorial vote counters. [14]

“For the media owners, allegations of a liberal bias make it easier for them to impose the conservative bias they prefer. For the pseudo liberals who work in the media system, confessing to a liberal bias is far more comfortable than admitting that they've sold out their beliefs for a nice salary. It's only because the mainstream media is so conservative that all these right-wing pundits can make accusations of liberal bias without opposition.” [15] Bernard Goldberg and Ann Coulter, just two outraged conservatives bravely battling the liberal dragon press, have successfully scammed the public with their big money-making, insubstantial accusations. Goldberg, a former correspondent, was associated with the same network CBS that career-crunched Dan Rather. His very biased book Bias was published on February 25, 2001 and propped up the conservative charade.

In addition to those issues mentioned above, I would like to see the following imperative issues covered in the so-called liberal mainstream media and the professed conservative news:

·        Locations of the American concentration camps built by Kellogg, Brown and Root;

·        Bush’s plan to merge Canada, Mexico and the United States;

·        More news on the inland ports;

·        Media reviews of Aaron Russo’s new movie: America: From Freedom to Fascism;

·        An expose on the use of depleted uranium;

·        Information about privatized military industry (PMI)

·        An objective investigation of the irregularities of 9/11;

·        Voting irregularities in 2000 and 2004;

·        Bush’s regard for human rights and the Bill of Rights

·        An expose of the Federal Reserve fraud;

·        Why is the government selling off big chunks of America;

·        Information on the Six-Point Agenda for Department of Homeland Security

·        Tell the American citizens about the amero, the dollar replacement;

·        How about all of those stories that Project Censored defines in their books;

·        The real truth about job growth, not the jobs the government is creating;

What about those jobs? What are those employees manufacturing? Or are they being trained to implant ID chips, spy on their neighbors, and work as camp guards or perhaps work on that secret super highway?

We are not any freer than the controlled, contentious cover-up media. [16] Rush Limbaugh is the acclaimed original “right wing” radio talk jock who continues to successfully lambaste liberals and the purported liberal media bias even though he admitted in 2002 that liberal bias was non existent. [17] Several more have joined him in this crusade. They bash the allegedly morally decadent liberal left as compared to the “righteous” right who claim moral superiority despite ample evidence to the contrary.

Thousands of clueless disciples, in what propagandist Michael Medved calls “the greatest nation on God’s green earth,” tune in daily to get conservative views  as opposed to the big, bad, ugly, deceitful ‘liberal’ lies. Folks, it is orchestrated opposition – owned by the same entities. Whether you read the Twinkie Times, listen to tough fluff, pro-war Laura Ingraham, or watch any of the Fox “fair and balanced” shows, including the king of castigation – Bill O’Reilly, it is the same. [18] Devotees are daily rewarded and energized by the vicious attacks and criticism directed at the evil enemy – the liberal opposition. We are so distracted we fail to recognize the synthesized Republican/Democratic party. [19] The genuine dissenters supporting such things as anti-tax, pro-2nd Amendment rights, pro-Constitution, anti-big government, and anti-war can anticipate being lumped with the terrorists – “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” [20] How can conservatives claim to prefer less government and in the same breath ask, among other things, the government to seize the church’s authority over marriage? 

“Neo-con” talk radio has lent legitimacy to the Bush administration plus phony patriotic propaganda for continual preemptive war. War means the killing, the maiming, and the devastating illnesses of thousands of Middle-Eastern citizens because their leader was/is non-compliant to One World Order demands. And with the Bushs – like father, like son, nuclear air strikes are preferable to diplomacy for establishing power, instilling fear and furthering the work of death.

Christians should be the first to recognize the probability of secret societies or secret combinations and money interests intent on depriving others of their liberty or life. The death of Christ was the result of a conspiracy associated with currency. There were plots to kill Paul and numerous others. There were also those early day “public relations” groups who deliberately influenced the masses to perpetuate their covert agenda – remember, the admirers who bowed before Christ upon his entry into Jerusalem were the same people who, a mere few days, later clamored for his death. What changed?

Before citizens jump on that political war machine that promotes continual conflict, we must evaluate and scrutinize the sources of our perceptions – is it orchestrated opposition, propaganda or real information?

Part 12

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