The New World Order, Stage-managed Morality
Part 12
Deanna Spingola

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According to the Hegelian Dialectics there must be a crisis, or controlled opposition, with a predetermined solution designed to move society towards a one world government. Opportunistic circumstances are devised by positioning effectual, charismatic people into situations where they can manipulate perceptions and then ultimately use their increasing power to establish and escalate minor concerns into major calamities. The elite manufactures and finances fear in order to generate weakness for the sole purpose of bringing the masses under their control.


There are a few methods of positioning appropriate individuals into suitable circumstances: a contrived election, a coup d'état, CIA sponsorship and assignment, or a combination of the three with supportive, unmerited media promotion or the opposite – character assassination. And there are susceptible personalities, either unprincipled or incredibly naïve, who will permit globalist manipulation for a variety of reasons. Political assassinations (ritual public executions), allegedly carried out by crazed lone gunmen, fall into the category of the coup d'état.


The CIA, the primary functionary of big business and international banking, recruits naïve but willing college students, radical religious fundamentalists and anyone else who demonstrates charisma, aptitude, and guiltless mendacity and is willing to sacrifice integrity for financial rewards and power. These obliging, newly-trained individuals are systematically entrenched within every facet of society in order to obscure our perceptions, dismantle our values, falsify our history, corrupt our communities and destabilize families. Conventional appearing infiltrators, posturing as benefactors are embedded within the government, the courts, the media, the fields of medicine and psychology, and religion.


Soon after the establishment of the U.N. and the CIA our traditional values, stable marriages and morality rapidly began to decline while crime, drug use, divorce, promiscuity, pornography and perversion accelerated. Family destabilization is not happenstance but a very deliberate plan. The Rockefeller Foundation had funded the “research” efforts of the decadent Alfred Kinsey whose junk science instigated the family-destroying moral metamorphosis of America. Kinsey’s work was further enhanced by the American Law Institute's Model Penal Code. The American Law Institute was created in 1923 as the educational arm of the American Bar Association. The development of the Model Penal Code was, not surprisingly, also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Penal Code decreased criminal accountability for criminal predators engaging in serious crime against women and children.


Kinsey’s deliberately misleading research brought about predictable social behavior minus the appropriate liability. Sleazy speculation masquerading as authentic research took on an aura of respectability and credibility because it was highly publicized by allegedly trustworthy media people. The initial responses of shocked abhorrence gradually developed into acceptance. Inclusion of this “research,” in textbooks and daily newspapers apparently endorsed it despite the emerging societal cause and effect consequences. The successful escalation of every synchronized crisis depends on mass media deception. As defined by the founding fathers, a free press should serve the public interest, not the opportunistic tyrants who have absconded with the reins of government.


Another CIA asset, Gloria Steinem (Smith College graduate), was recruited by Cord Meyer after being referred to him by an acquaintance from the CIA financed National Student Association. Meyer was the head of the CIA’s International Organizations division. With CIA money, funneled through the tax-free Ford Foundation, [1] Steinem set up the Independent Research Service (part of Meyer’s Congress for Cultural Freedom) in order to organize a trip for a group of students, scholars and others to the seventh postwar World Youth Festival to be held in Vienna in 1959. [2] One World Order proponent Zbigniew Brzezinski, then an assistant professor at Harvard, accompanied Steinem to Vienna at CIA expense. [3]


Steinem’s feminist articles were published in Esquire and New York Magazine in the early 1960s through editor and publisher Clay Felker, another CIA asset. Her own monthly magazine Ms. Magazine, subsidized by Warner Communications, came out in the summer of 1972. The charismatic Steinem always had sufficient positive media coverage to perpetuate the globalist agenda which effectively implied and generated grassroots support. The feminist movement, a totally managed crisis, exploded into a viable vehicle which provoked competition and contention between the genders and deliberately wreaked havoc among families of every ethnic group.


The result of “liberating” women constituted enforced labor cloaked as a unique privilege but was calculatingly designed to benefit the abundantly rich international bankers through additional income tax revenue. Women could then work full time in addition to responsibilities at home. Besides, two incomes, frequently necessitated by continuous and intentional Federal Reserve inflation, compel mothers to abandon their precious children to strangers at daycare centers where their vulnerable minds can be saturated. Nothing fills the emotional void of missing one’s mother in the formative years – not even the extra guilt gifts that two incomes might produce.


The Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade on 22 January 1973, which wasn’t really about women’s reproductive rights. The once desperate and pregnant Norma McCorvey, alias Jane Roe, recently testified before Congress: “I am not a trained spokesperson, nor a judge, but I am a real person – a living human being who was supposed to be helped by my lawyers and the courts in Roe v. Wade. But instead, I believe that I was used and abused by the court system in America. Instead of helping women in Roe v. Wade, I brought destruction to me and millions of women throughout the nation.” … “My lawyers wanted to eliminate the right of society to protect women and children from abortionists.” [4] After Kinsey and the Supreme Court, abortion statistics predictably accelerated into a national crisis. Private decisions between a woman and her doctor were now under government jurisdiction.


There was a textbook censorship case in Kanawha County, West Virginia, which energized local religious groups. The Kanawha school board approved 325 books on March 12, 1974 which incensed members of the local Ku Klux Klan.[5] However, it was publicized as a concerned parents’ rights issue. The “problem” concerned specific books written by some African-American authors that described their inequitable status before the law as well as their typically substandard lifestyles. Heaven forbid that middle-class American children should discover the realities of the dismal lives of those less fortunate for lack of opportunity. Bootstrap success is only achievable on a level playing field.


Three religious leaders, Reverend Marvin Horan, Reverend Ezra Graley and Ed Miller, a self-proclaimed Klansman organized rallies and instigated parent disapproval and participation. Additionally, Reverend Horan was charged with attempting to blow up one of the schools. Reverend Ezra Graley, a liaison to the newly organized Heritage Foundation, worked closely with Miller and Horan. They sent James T. McKenna, the general counsel to the Heritage Foundation in the mid 1970s, to represent the protesters. Congressman Phillip Crane, also in concert with the Heritage Foundation, appealed to constituents for funds for the protesters. Reverend James Lewis, pastor of the Charleston Episcopal Church attempted to counter the protestors and later testified that Crane refused to say what the funds were used for. McKenna was able to obtain press coverage through the Washington Post. [6]


Well-placed individuals and well-financed tax-free foundations (501 (c) (3), like the Heritage Foundation, fund political activists and disseminate disinformation and misinformation via the corporate media and extensive bulk mailings to concerned, provoked subscribers who ultimately finance their own demise through their contributions. “The early 1970s were the worst of times, and the best of times in which to launch a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. Conservative leaders and conservative ideas were out of public favor.” [7]


And because it was the worst of times for Americans – from the bra-burning rebellious sixties through the extensive casualties (58,000) and the massive debt of the Vietnam War which understandably created a lot of anti-war sentiment – particularly after many Americans discovered the devastating nature of the weapons used in Vietnam. Many POWs were left behind, abandoned by our own government. [8] All of the losses were without a constitutional declaration of war. Americans supposedly battled against international Communism. The only benefactors were Wall Street brokers and Johnson’s business cronies in Texas, California and Washington. That prolonged war took the life of about one million Vietnamese – whole villages were needlessly destroyed.


Then there was the 1972 break-in at the national Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate. This fiasco led to the resignation of Richard Nixon on August 9, 1974. Nixon was the president who signed SALT I giving the Soviet Union nuclear parity with America. He also instituted wage and price controls and tried to implement such welfare proposals as the Family Assistance Plan. He proudly proclaimed, “I am now a Keynesian in economics.” Justifiable distrust of government was prevalent. Such circumstances, not happenstance by any means, created the perfect social climate for multitudes of good versus evil (thesis versus antithesis) bitter battles.


On August 7, 1974, Congressmen John J. Rhodes, minority leader of the House of Representatives, joined Senators Barry M. Goldwater and Hugh D. Scott to inform Nixon that impeachment was inevitable if he did not resign. That meeting followed the release of the Watergate cover-up tapes on June 23, 1972, which revealed Nixon's involvement. Nixon antagonists welcomed the resignation.


Albert Harold Quie [9] and John J. Rhodes, members of The Fellowship, an influential exclusive society, visited Vice President Gerald Ford at a special prayer meeting on August 8, 1974, the day before Ford was sworn in as president. Interestingly, Ford’s Chief of Staff was Dick Cheney. His Defense Secretary was Donald Rumsfeld and George H. W. Bush served as Director of the CIA. The elite repeatedly resurface. Allegedly, Nixon resigned at the suggestion of the powerful Fellowship. Chuck Colson, a Fellowship member, invited Nixon to join them in an attempt to salvage his image but he wanted nothing to do with them. [10]


Americans had little trust in their government and felt vulnerable, disillusioned and betrayed, the perfect environment for the candidacy of the perceived kinder, gentler James Earl Carter, a born again Christian. [11] He was not the first president to invoke religious rhetoric, accompanied by a plethora of social and moral ills. The religion tactic would now be more effective in generating votes than in past generations. The great awakening of a formerly silent section of the electorate began to be heard. Political activity and dialogue emanated from a distinct Christian group which helped elect Jimmy Carter.


For decades, we have not really elected the candidates of our choice – we merely go through the charade of voting for the pre selected individuals that will do the diabolical bidding of the elite. “Late in 1972, W. Averell Harriman (known at that time as the ‘grand old man of the Democrats’), Establishment strategist and CFR member, told Milton Katz (CFR member), Director of International Studies at Harvard: ‘We've got to get off our high horses and look at some of those southern governors.’ Carter was mentioned, and Katz informed Rockefeller. Rockefeller had met with Carter in 1971, when they had lunch in the Chase Manhattan's Board of Director's dining room, and was impressed with the fact that Carter had opened trade offices for the state of Georgia in Tokyo.” [12]


Beginning in 1973 the Republican’s “Southern Strategy” was cultivated and nurtured by George H. W. Bush, the then recently-installed chairman of the Republican National Committee – complete with two assistants who would do whatever it took to further the agenda : Karl Rove and Lee Atwater. With the additional strength and unique fundraising skills of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Bob Jones, and other fundamentalist Christians the south fell into the welcome arms of the Republican Party.


Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission in 1973, along with David Rockefeller, said in an October 1973 speech: “The Democratic candidate will have to emphasize work, family, religion, and increasingly, patriotism, if he has any desire to be elected.” [13] “One of the commission's primary goals was to place a Trilateral-influenced president in the White House in 1976, and to achieve that goal it was necessary to groom an appropriate candidate who would be willing to cooperate with trilateral aims.” [14] Carter had also attended an invitation-only Bilderberg meeting before his “election.” With assistance from the Establishment media [15] Carter, posing as an “outsider,” promised to clean up the mess in Washington. He stressed the very items that his mentor Brzezinski suggested: work, family, religion and patriotism. Carter's religious convictions became a big part of his campaign.


Senator Barry M. Goldwater stated in his book With No Apologies: “This may cost me everything that I have, but I've got to get out an alert to the American people. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillfully coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power, political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical. What the Trilateralists intend is the creation of a world-wide economic power superior to the government of the nation states. In other words, what they are driving, orchestrating, meshing and gearing to accomplish is the New World Order, the one-world government.”


The 1976 election of the amiable Trilateralist (recommended for membership April 13, 1973) and CFR member Jimmy Carter, with all the appearances of a political anomaly, also had the right aptitude. To celebrate the Trilateral election, Carter was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, January 3, 1977 (he also graced Time’s cover on July 26, 1976). Hedley Donovan, Time’s former Editor-in-Chief is a Trilateralist and a Rhodes Scholar. He was also Carter's senior adviser on domestic affairs and media relations. “According to the Dektor Psychological Stress Evaluator, a lie detector which measures voice stress with an oscillograph, there was no stress in Carter's voice when he lied, which would seem to indicate that he is a pathological liar.” [16] Imagine that, a politician that compulsively lies!


Zbigniew Brzezinski became Carter’s National Security Advisor and Cyrus Vance (nephew of John W. Davis, of the J. P. Morgan bank who was the first President of the CFR) was his Secretary of State. Foreign policy was clearly established and dictated by Brzezinski. Carter appointed dozens of CFR members [17] and about three dozen members [18] of the Trilateral Commission to the highest unelected offices in government. Many current officials also have connections and influence with the Trilateral Commission and the CFR.[19] From Carter on, each president has filled his administration with members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. The current president, Barack Obama, has filled his administration with members of the Trilateral Commission, a group determined to create a one-world economic system.


As soon as so-called conservative politicians realized that fundamentalists and other evangelicals might be encouraged to become more politically active and that it might be possible to mold political action to support Republican candidates, they provided financial resources to help create groups like the Moral Majority, the Christian Voice, and the Religious Roundtable in 1978 and 1979.” [20]


Leave it to the elite, with sufficient time to conspire, to orchestrate an election designed to manipulate America’s sleeping religious while implementing other nefarious objectives.

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