Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Part 1

By Deanna Spingola

2 June 2007

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FDR said “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” And “History is decided by the winners.” Napoleon Bonaparte


Skeptical individuals who refuse to accept the government’s version of reality are frequently and popularly demonized throughout the media as crazed “conspiracy theorists.” Therefore, these individuals, despite their accurate perceptions and research acuity, not only lack credibility, but are to be scorned by the majority of the programmed population. As soon as the two words “conspiracy” and “theory” are linked in the same sentence, people automatically adopt a critical position. Haven’t we been warned by the New World Order’s most obedient “public servant” himself?: “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th; malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty.” [1]


And again, although referring to nations instead of individuals, Bush said: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” [2] In essence, through subtle insinuation, we either agree with the government’s position or we are an enemy. However, the most outrageous, incredulous “conspiracy theories” are those contrived and aggressively propagated by the government. And, unfortunately, these federal fairytales are widely accepted by the majority, even those who consider themselves well-informed and intelligent.


To simplify the matter, there are two ways of looking at history: “the conspiracy theory of history” or “the accidental theory of history.” Either circumstances are premeditated and controlled or they are accidental and coincidental. [3] Those who make an effort to critically study history, read the founding documents and evaluate legislative activity, quickly reject the “accidental theory of history.” Consequently they are frequently ridiculed by uninformed, apathetic, eye-rolling friends and relatives who happily prefer not to acknowledge reality, perhaps supposing superiority over those they deem excessively gullible. Or that somehow, their arrogant ignorance will spare them any calamitous consequences.


The more popular, emotionally comfortable, however preposterous, “accidental theory of history” requires no effort and no responsible, rational response thus allowing individuals to maintain their heads-buried-in-the-sand, sheep-like mentality. Nevertheless, further examination should generate some very conspicuous questions, the first of which might be: why do allegedly well-meaning articulate, intelligent, public servants (AKA: government officials), who supposedly represent America’s best interests, make conscious decisions that repetitively produce the exact same horrifically deadly results for America? They are either incredibly stupid, grossly inefficient or they have compromised whatever values and decency they once had and do not represent America’s best interests. Look at the evidence!


One would assume, given the law of averages, that we would have a reasonable number of successes. However, the following circumstances greatly suggest that there are numerous, nay an absolute multitude, of freedom-destroying, anti-America coincidences, as follows:


The World’s Warriors: Since the Civil War, the government has hastily, unconstitutionally committed citizens to war, some prolonged and catastrophic, all taking life, massive amounts of money, our liberties and most undeclared by Congress. These imperialistic-like wars are associated with control of people and resources. We have manned military bases throughout the world. We engage in “preventative war” – the strongest military country in the world starts a war to prevent others from starting a war? The object of war is war! The government has additionally relinquished American troops to serve under the U.N. We allegedly bomb foreigners into democracy for their own good. The government engages in serialized nation building in other countries and furnishes expensive aid to purported enemies via our tax dollars. The government siphons foreign aid dollars from our pockets into the personal pockets of U.S. installed dictators, friendly to big business.


The CIA (corporate interest agency) aggressively arranges foreign regime changes friendlier to so-called U.S. interests – translation: big business. The CIA is a shadow government, the operating arm of the CFR, isolated and immune from any oversight by Congress or the populace. “It, in fact, dictates a substantial portion of this country's foreign, economic and military policy from a place not accessible to the will of a free people properly armed with facts.” [4]


The U.S. government pays an ever-increasing number of private mercenary corporations and multinational military contractors, closely associated friends of the administration, like the Vinnell Corporation, MPRI, DynCorp, Blackwater USA, or Brown and Root (KBR), a spin-off of Halliburton. There are many things that enlisted citizens will not carry out against foreign strangers or American citizens. For more enlightenment, see the Google film: Iraq For Sale, the War Profiteers. In addition, some of these companies provide “non-official cover for CIA officers.” [5]


The Elite Government (America’s self-appointed nobility): Congress regularly gives themselves healthy pay increases in addition to excessive perks and huge pensions. I thought they were public servants – hired by the voters! Especially since 2000, there has been a huge influx of deep-pocketed, successful lobbyists. The Elites escape criminal punishment for a plethora of criminal activities, including sex crimes. Regular people are prosecuted and incarcerated. Politicians go to rehab. The nobility easily arranges the imprisonment of whistleblowers, income tax protestors and other patriots. “Public servants” apparently have complete contempt for the Constitution despite their pledges to uphold it. Presidents use Executive Orders and Presidential Directives to circumvent the Constitution. FEMA gives selective response to national emergencies – 9/11, Katrina.


There are deliberate, documented massive voting irregularities to ensure that the “right” people govern the masses. Jeb Bush had 57,000 voters purged from the roles of certain Florida counties just prior to the 2000 elections. Bush, unrestrained by congress, declared himself to be dictator on May 9, 2007 which gives him the authority to declare any circumstance a national emergency which would enable him to commandeer control of all transportation, communications, food supplies, and to declare Martial Law.


Economy: Congress gave complete control of all U.S. currency to private banks (1913). The Federal Reserve, not a part of the government, controls our economy through inflation and deflation and charges us interest to use the worthless, un-backed paper they print whenever our “public servants” regularly overspend the budget for war, welfare, and pork barrel projects in an effort to remain popular and stay in power. The federal government unconstitutionally extracts a yearly income tax to pay the interest on their popularity projects. The government is selling public property – U.S. infrastructure, bridges, roads and ports to multinational investors who assume total control. Congress refuses to exercise oversight over the numerous, long-term outrageous overpayments to the government-friendly military/industrial complex. 


The Vanishing Middle Class: On February 2, 2007, the government made the following claim: “Today, The Government Released New Jobs Figures – 111,000 Jobs Created In January: Since August 2003, more than 7.4 million jobs have been created - more jobs than the European Union and Japan combined. Over half a million jobs (513,000) have been added in the past three months alone. Our economy has now added jobs for 41 straight months, and the unemployment rate remains low at 4.6 percent.” [6] What jobs – working for homeland security or FEMA? The government does not produce anything but a money-guzzling bureaucracy – no tangible, marketable product that would generate actual economic growth!


In January 2007 Motorola announced that they were cutting 3500 jobs and then again on May 30, 2007 they announced the cutting of an additional 4000 jobs. On May 31, 2007 Dell announced that they were cutting of 8800 jobs by the end of the year. Due to phony trade agreements, high tech jobs, as well as others, are outsourced while America imports cheap labor disguised as a guest worker program, unsupported by the majority of U.S. citizens.


Privately owned farms and ranches have been taken over by huge government-friendly corporations who care little about the land or animals under their control. Everything is based on profit. The few remaining independent farmers are routinely restrained by government regulations affecting their control over their own property. In addition many have been sued by huge multinational companies who have inconceivably seized government patents on a gradually diminishing variety of natural products. The majority of our food is produced and under the control of a few government-friendly multinational corporations.


Health: There has been an explosive growth of catastrophic, deadly diseases, treated with equally deadly remedies designed to greatly enhance the bottom line of huge pharmaceutical corporations who just happen to employ successful lobbyists. We have descended into a dependent pill popping society. Profit-producing treatment, therefore increasingly expensive and unavailable to a huge segment of the population, has been touted as the preferred medical methodology instead of natural remedies, including the body’s own immune system.


There are legal and illegal drugs – both frequently produce incredibly similar dependency and reactions. They are both controlled, expensive and purport to be from different sources. Someone is making lots of profit. Despite millions of dollars ostensibly spent on the war on drugs, countless Americans, now in every income bracket, are addicted to illegal drugs – many of which flow through our unprotected southern border. Drugged-up, distracted Americans don’t demand accountability from, or for that matter even acknowledge, an out-of-control centralized tyrannical government.


The elite, particularly installed government officials, have no reservations about extracting or using huge profits from the mind altering, stupor-producing drug addictions, self-inflicted or otherwise, of others for their personal fortunes or to enable the CIA to finance covert operations around the world. Some of the biggest eastern establishment fortunes were made during the 1800s opium wars. Drugs produce mega profits, flourish in certain climates, have universal appeal, and facilitate the efficient globalization towards the New World Order. For a comprehensive and enlightening examination of the government’s association with illegal drugs, read Michael C. Ruppert’s opening remarks for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a report that has been completely ignored by the government and the mass media which is revealing in and of itself. [7]


Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, committed border patrol agents, started serving 11 and 12 year-long prison terms in January 2007, for their actions in the shooting and wounding of a Mexican drug smuggler, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, who was granted full immunity to testify against them. [8] This was the same month that a senior citizens group received confirmation, through the Freedom of Information Act that any Mexican worker with as little as 18 months of employment history in the United States may qualify for some Social Security retirement benefits. [9] A technicality would normally have gotten the agents a five day suspension, not prison terms.


George W. Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, (a longtime ally of President Bush) and U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone, people who are supposed to put America and her citizens first, unbelievably sided with the drug dealer. Stacking all the courts pays off! Petitions for a presidential pardon and letters from fifty Congress people were ineffective. Aldrete-Davila, the accused drug dealer dropped 700 pounds of marijuana and then fled into Mexico. He received excellent free medical care and full immunity in order to testify against the border agents. Obviously, this incident will render every other border agent ineffective. Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the Border Patrol for alleged violation of his civil rights. [10]

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