Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Part 2

By Deanna Spingola
2 June 2007

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From May 31, 2007, the media has repeated the alarming story about “the infected man who flew from Atlanta to Paris on May 12 aboard Air France Flight 385. He returned to North America on May 24 aboard Czech Air Flight 104 from Prague to Montreal. The man then drove into the United States.” [1] What about the diseases that illegals bring into this country on a daily basis, diseases that were eradicated in America decades ago. These diseases include: tuberculosis, chagas disease (no cure exists), leprosy, dengue fever, malaria, intestinal parasites and polio. [2] School students, fellow workers – many unsuspecting people are exposed, yet there is no media hype about this serious health issue. If the government is sincerely concerned about the spread of infectious diseases – why the selective focus? Was this incident manipulated by the media as a scare tactic to prepare the populace for additional restrictive rules on U.S. citizens? Why do we receive all of the stiff regulations and our so-called adversaries remain unscathed?


America has been invaded by invitation. It is the early realization of the devious plans for the establishment of the North American Union. Americans didn’t vote for it, Americans don’t want it and Americans are aggressively resisting this giant government give-away designed to bring our country to its knees and equalize poverty. Our diminishing resources are financing our own demise including the hiring of professional Public Relations firms that organize and promote the so-called spontaneous demonstrations for equal rights for law-breakers. [3] For more about the horrific costs and ramifications of uninhibited illegal invasion, read Frosty Wooldridge’s columns. [4] For the concise updated statistics click here.


Constitutional Rights are going, going, gone: The Patriot Act, the burgeoning Department of Homeland Security, National ID, suspension of the Bill of Rights and habeas corpus, government construction of detention centers throughout America – for whom? Congress appears to vote exactly opposite of what the people desire. They confiscate our taxes, a portion of which, has gone to alternative pro big business political groups in foreign countries and U.S. dissident groups, like La Raza which has an appalling proposal in Congress, H.R. 1999, to strip the citizens of $10 million a year to assist Hispanic individuals with community development in addition to free medical care, education, food, housing and income support available to all low-income groups. “And the bill does not discriminate between legal and illegal immigrants.” [5]


Committing and Covering Crime: From the fabled Warren Commission to the 9/11  Commission – they were both stacked with compliant insiders resistant to any kind of independent, legitimate investigation. One must always question a horrifically drastic change in foreign policy pertaining to war immediately after a political assassination or any other national emergency: the shot from Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861, the explosion on the Maine in Havana Harbor, the contrived attack on the Lusitania on May 7, 1915, [6] the attack at Pearl Harbor (government documentation shows that FDR was aware of the Japanese attack before it happened.), the alleged assault in the Bay of Tonkin, the USS Liberty and 9/11. Lincoln, Wilson, Johnson, Bush and others have used or created incidents to take this country into war to “make the world safe for democracy” and to engender bloodthirsty hatred towards others who are allegedly trying to destroy western civilization, free the slaves or other victims, save the nation – all seductive incentives that encourage Americans to enlist and “fight for their country.”


Societal Circumstances: declining academic achievement, waning moral values, and class discrimination. There is a huge, increasingly widening gulf between the rich and the poor while the U.S. sends billions of dollars to Iraq. Meanwhile, the government protects cash-consuming, resource-depleting illegals in an attempt to integrate them into society. This is reprehensible in as much as we have Native Americans who languish on squalid reservations suffering from generation-to-generation alcohol addictions. There is educational inequality and ethnic isolation in ghettos, reservations and the last stop – prison. The deliberate failure of the trumped-up “war on poverty” merely transferred millions from the middle-class to the elite. Foreign and domestic aid never reaches the poverty-stricken.


Torture and the Geneva Conventions: Well-documented reports of rendition flights and illegal imprisonments should raise an alarm – why would Americans tolerate inhumane behavior of anyone based on what our government leaders, consummate liars, say about the prisoners who suffer these atrocities? The U.S. has used Agent Orange and now uses white phosphorous and depleted uranium against civilians, in total disregard of the Geneva Conventions. This affects our military as well as the target citizens. Our once worthy reputation has been squandered by our militaristic behavior yet we appear to have little regard for justifiable negative world opinion. Rendition and torture are condoned and covered by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Bush’s long-time criminal crony.


A country may be evaluated by how that society treats their most vulnerable citizens: the aged, the poor, the sick and afflicted and the children. How does America treat her children and the children (video) in other countries? Do we shun the poor among us? America’s poor, not by their own choices, have been manipulated by both socialistic parties under the pretense of assisting them.


The pivotal events of 9/11 when the WTC towers, shaped like the number eleven, were attacked, signaled the beginning of the fruition of the New World Order, a goal declared by George H. W. Bush on September 11, 1990. [7] The Inter-American Democratic Charter of The Organization of American States (OAS), which the U.S. belongs to, was signed on September 11, 2001. Rumsfeld announced, the day before 9/11, that 2.3 trillion dollars was unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget but who remembered on 9/11? More coincidences – the North Tower was hit by American Airlines flight 11 exactly eleven years after Bush’s New World Order speech. Certain conniving individuals, bent on creating the satanic New World Order, frequently convey their ambitions through architecture – banks that look like temples, phallic symbols, seeing-eye pyramids, etc. Numerology is a focus – certain numbers, like 11, 33, 666, are highly significant. The number eleven is an occult signature to other like-minded individuals.


Federal fairytales: The invincible passport, the super colossal maneuvers by skill-challenged pilots, the inexplicable fires that decimated and powdered the twin towers, the potent box cutters, the disappearing black boxes, the vanishing (confiscated) cameras, the failing defense responses, the enchanted vaporized plane, the evaporating wreckage, the unassailable Osama bin Laden, the supernatural nineteen Arabs (some have resurrected), the pristine lawn at the pentagon, the departure of the (seized) gold from the basement of the North Tower, the mysterious explosions, the unparalleled collapse of building 7 which was not hit by a plane. According to Silverstein, the last minute leaser of the towers, building 7 was pulled (demolished). It takes building diagrams, sufficient time and manpower to expertly wire a forty-seven story building for demolition. Did they magically pull all this together amid the chaotic events or was it, by absolute necessity, pre-wired?


Did any government or airline employee get fired for incompetence after 9/11? Nope – they got promoted – apparently for a job well done. The only individuals who bear negative consequences are the whistleblowers and survivors like April Gallop, William Rodriquez, [8] Dr. Stephen Jones, Sibel Edmonds and many others.


The events of 9/11 propelled us into Iraq. Tell me, why are we there? Iraq did not threaten America nor suspend our defense mechanisms or control any of the other magic associated with 9/11. The constitution discourages any kind of intrusive intervention in other countries. Our military is for defense only. The government’s responsibility is to our country! The Iraqi invasion and occupation have no benefits for the average American. Soldiers die, suffer permanent physical disabilities and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Yet, we are less secure, enslaved by the war’s enormous costs and perturbed by an encroaching un-checked centralized government. The international bankers, assisted by compliant puppet politicians, have seized power over the currency and resources of one more country – Iraq. 


According to USA Today, dated May 28, 2007 – “Bottom line: Taxpayers are now on the hook for a record $59.1 trillion in liabilities, a 2.3% increase from 2006. That amount is equal to $516,348 for every U.S. household. By comparison, U.S. households owe an average of $112,043 for mortgages, car loans, credit cards and all other debt combined.” [9] The U.S. Treasury has been looted; all the gold and resources have been transferred to the international banking cartel.


The circumstances, briefly noted above, most of which were orchestrated behind a shroud of secrecy, benefit only the elites whose goal is to wield tyrannical power over the world’s resources and enslave the population. America is the last bastion of freedom, the last to fall in this game of global dominoes. Once free, confident, independent, self-sustaining and entrepreneurial, we are now at the mercy of elite master criminals who have instituted a “big brother,” welfare, warfare state. They have manipulated America’s genius, strength, goodness and compassion to their own perverse advantage, assisted by our unquestioning silence. American citizens have surrendered their money, their freedoms, and their government. 


And yet, it is the “conspiracy theorists” and those who renounce war that are called un-American and unpatriotic! With all due respect, it appears that the U.S. government is drastically un-American. So, which theory of history makes the most sense? Do our CFR-influenced installed Congress people represent our best interests or those of the banking cartel? Ignore the brainwashington media, the propaganda shills and rely on your own perceptions and common sense – conspiracy or coincidence?


“It is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” Ben Franklin

“None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Goethe


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