The New World Order, Deliberate Decline into Decadence
Part 6
By Deanna Spingola
2 June 2006

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1/19/2015: When I first started writing articles in 2005, I probably promulgated many popular theories about WWII because of my ignorance. I cringe when I read some of my early efforts. I could cleanse my own archives but it would be like trying to capture feathers in a whirlwind because my articles are on other web sites. While many of the issues that appear in this multi-part article remain true, I have engaged in further, more objective research and no longer support the same conclusions that I arrived at when I began writing on the internet. People perpetuate false information, often unknowingly, because he/she is quoting or relying on other people’s information. Each of us needs to engage in independent objective research, and always use critical thinking when reading the "research" of others.


In conjunction with the deliberate dumbing down of America, the populace has surreptitiously been indoctrinated to abhor, tolerate, and then embrace the basest behavior in human sexuality. It is not coincidental that the raging, rebellious, out-of-control, bra burning sixties followed the deliberately decadent “research” of Alfred Charles Kinsey (1894-1956), a biologist and a professor of entomology and zoology, given credibility by the Indiana University in Bloomington. His insidious influence drastically affected American culture and society.

Kinsey was brought up in a “strict churchgoing Methodist household where dancing, tobacco, alcohol, and dating were forbidden.” [i] He joined the Boy Scouts at 17 and enjoyed camping and the other outdoor activities associated with scouting, an interest he retained for years. He later claimed that “adolescent homosexuality is a common phenomenon.” [ii] Whether this claim is a result of observation or participation is unknown. He went from agnosticism to atheism by the time he turned 26 – if God does not exist then neither does morality and right and wrong.

In 1914 he entered Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, initially affiliated with the Congregational Church. In 1916 “Kinsey was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated magna cum laude with degrees in biology and psychology. Charles Darwin was such a major influence that Kinsey quoted him in his commencement address when he graduated from Bowdoin.

Kinsey continued his graduate studies at Harvard University's Bussey Institute, “a hotbed of Darwinism and the ‘New Biology’ that led scientists to envision improvement of the human species through ‘eugenics’.” Bussey Institute “had one of the most highly regarded biology programs in the United States… Kinsey was granted a Sc.D. degree in 1919 by Harvard University.” [iii] During his time at Harvard, Kinsey was active with the Bethany Boys’ Club. Kinsey preferred the company of boys and continued camping with younger males past college graduation.

Kinsey became a big proponent of Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian, a geneticist and the first director-general of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World (1932), required reading in many American schools. “It is often misunderstood as ‘science fiction,’ but was actually an exposé of the cosmopolitan eugenic vision of state-controlled free love and selective breeding.” [iv] Those who embraced the eugenics movement felt nothing but contempt for Judeo Christian beliefs. Unfortunately, “non-admiring” individuals researching the foundations of Kinsey’s personal and professional attitudes are not permitted entrance into the Kinsey Institute archives. [v] There are apparently many secrets that lay hidden from public scrutiny in those archives.

A Kinsey biographer said that he was “one of the scholarly pre-World War II eugenicists who issued a ‘terrifying’ call for the mass sterilization of ‘lower level’ Americans and a breeding plan for superior classes.” [vi] Not surprisingly, Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), a eugenicist and the founder of Planned Parenthood (population control) also believed that the lower classes should not be allowed to have children even if that meant sterilization. “The Margaret Sanger Papers Project is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and such private foundations as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Samuel Rubin Foundation, among others.” [vii] The Rockefeller Foundation and others support population control for the rest of us. [viii]

In 1920 Kinsey joined the Department of Zoology at Indiana University in Bloomington as an assistant professor. Once there, he joined a faculty discussion group whose friendship and support helped him to overcome some controversy later.

Despite a misogynistic attitude and frequently abusive treatment toward women, he married Clara Bracken McMillen, a chemistry student at Ohio State, after a casual, platonic relationship. They married on June 3, 1921 and spent their honeymoon on an all weather camping trip, climbing mountains and eating trail foods. They had four children, the first of which died at a young age. Clara and Alfred Kinsey, along with their surviving children, attended church and gave every indication of being a respectable, conservative, average Midwestern family.

While camping as a professor, he was quite comfortable parading around camp in the nude and participating in community baths with his male students. “Kinsey seemed totally oblivious to sexual taboos…as though he was determined to flaunt them…Kinsey had become a sexual rebel…manipulative and aggressive, a man who abused his professional authority and betrayed his trust as a teacher.” [ix]

Kinsey, who had gathered sexual data since 1935, aggressively created interest in a prospective human sexuality class through his controversial lectures. Eager students, future teachers and leaders allegedly petitioned the University to offer this class which he began teaching in 1938. Its popularity increased with each semester despite some justified general objections from other faculty members. However, “Indiana University marketed Kinsey, the free-sex crusader, as a disinterested scholar in an attempt to pacify Kinsey’s colleagues and the public.” [x] For whatever reason, the University president, Herman Wells, unmarried and living at home with his mother “enthusiastically approved Kinsey’s proposals for everything.” [xi]

In his classes, Kinsey promoted biological information devoid of any moral, legal or ethical instruction. He apparently had the same mentality as Magnus Hirschfeld, a professed homosexual, who headed the Institute for Sexology in Berlin, Germany. Hirschfeld was an active proponent of abortion, gay rights, and feminism and a participant in a global sexology movement which demanded worldwide elimination of prudish sex laws and sexual repression. [xii] Kinsey, an alleged Midwestern family man would prove to be a deceptively acceptable advocate of the same social, cultural suicide that Hirschfeld was disseminating in Germany.

Kinsey came to the attention of the Rockefeller Foundation which earmarked funds for sex “research.” The National Research Council and the Medical Division of the Rockefeller Foundation provided thousands of dollars towards studies in sexual physiology and behavior. The Rockefeller Foundation initially helped to organize and fund the American Social Hygiene Association in 1913 to alter public attitudes regarding prostitution, and to work for birth control and other social reforms. During the 1920s faulty research, designed to satisfy a specific agenda, was produced by Margaret Mead and others “while misleading the West with effusive claims about the supposedly positive, happy nature of wildly promiscuous ‘primitive’ sexuality.” [xiii]

Herman Wells, the president of Indiana University was in attendance in New York when the Rockefeller Foundation celebrated its prestigious fiftieth anniversary in 1963. For five full decades they had made important research grants that greatly impacted society. Dr. Robert S. Morison, head of the Medical Division of the Foundation explained to Wells, when asked, that the reason he was invited was because of the wide spread influence of Kinsey’s work which now appeared in the newest and best gynecology book for medical students. “You’re here because we consider the Institute financing one of the most significant things we ever did.” [xiv]

Kinsey, along with specially selected individuals – no prudes, no Christians, no females, began conducting surveys consisting of 350 questions, supposedly approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees. These “research” assistants had to divulge their sexual history to determine their attitudes. Individuals who expressed negative attitudes towards premarital or extramarital intimacy, homosexuality, or relations with animals were not hired. Project secrecy, a source of power and/or blackmail, was essential in the ostensibly embarrassing sexual surveys which would currently constitute an invasion of privacy or worse – sexual harassment.

Those interviewed were purportedly randomly chosen, ordinary individuals. However, in order to skew the survey results to facilitate his agenda, the Kinsey group “resorted to reclassifying prostitutes as married women.” In addition, most women would be reticent to reveal such personal information. [xv] Obviously, this skewed the research results to accommodate that specific agenda. Other major irregularities should also be noted: 

·        Kinsey interviewed imprisoned sex offenders and portrayed them as normal

·        Kinsey’s tactics included “unethical, possibly criminal, observations of children”

·        Kinsey and cohorts classified 1,400+ criminals and sex offenders as normal

·        Kinsey sought out the worst sex offenders avoiding the more common offenses such as statutory rape

·        Kinsey professed interviewing many thousands more men than he did

·        His scientific methodology was flawed – he only used the data that fit his hypothesis

·        Kinsey and cohorts rejected anyone who had not experienced some form of sexual perversion

·        Kinsey included so-called feebleminded subjects from the Michigan State Training School

·        All the subjects were portrayed as average no matter their “unconventional” behavior [xvi]

·        Clandestine homosexuality is relatively commonplace

·        Most normal Americans hypocritically and secretly engage in illicit sex

·        People are commonly bisexual

·        Prejudice against homosexuality is hypocritical and based on ignorance [xvii]

Kinsey’s notorious books referred to as reports are a result of the imbalanced sex surveys: Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953). “For Kinsey, ‘normal’ was a non-word, as were ‘criminal’ and ‘crime’ … the terms ‘love’ and ‘childbirth’ do not appear in the indices.” Kinsey also rejected the idea of “motherhood” as a legitimate, average aspiration. Kinsey produced spurious statistics of babies born out of wedlock. [xviii] Otherwise the amoral Kinsey and cohorts didn’t define the very serious consequences of irresponsible, depraved behavior – one of the most profound – loss of one’s soul.

It is of interest that Hugh Hefner also published a book Playboy in 1953. Hefner provided generous financial support through his Playboy Foundation for the Kinsey Institute. One can only imagine the kinds of projects this foundation supports. Apparently each had their own targeted audience designed to tear society apart with an “anything goes” mentality. The trash they produced changed the mutual respect that the genders previously expressed for each other. It promoted crimes against the vulnerable, influenced the lonely, destroyed faith, and promoted pervasive flawed information that indoctrinated the masses. For what – money, fame? Money at the expense of morality!!

Kinsey’s books immediately created shock and outrage. “They challenged conventional beliefs about sexuality and because they discussed subjects that had previously been taboo. The belief that heterosexuality and abstinence were both ethical and statistical norms had never before been seriously challenged.” [xix] No matter the initial reactions – Kinsey’s noxious notions received Madison Avenue mass media acceptance.

“The Rockefeller Foundation believed that the media constituted a uniquely powerful force in modern society for imposing the will of the elite on the masses. Secret psychological war projects to control public opinion were supported by America’s tax-exempt foundations. For example, campaigns were developed to induce Americans to support U.S. entry into World War II.” [xx]

Kinsey’s “research” results were compatible with Rockefeller’s New World Order goal of changing “America’s way of life” – altering “breeding patterns”, respect for life and the sanctity of marriage and family. Kinsey contended that there was pervasive promiscuity throughout America in the late 1940s and early 1950s. There wasn’t – it would take a few decades for his influence to permeate the media the schools, and stealthily filter into America’s homes.

There were massive advertisements, free advance copies directed at the medical profession, and wining and dining of journalists. The publicity was designed to create a spontaneous clamor and curiosity for the books possibly similar to the same buildup for Dan Brown's book and movie – The Da Vinci Code. Well known journalists and personalities endorsed and therefore lent credibility to Kinsey’s sexual philosophies which made them palatable to the public and led to manipulated mass purchases. W. B. Saunders, a very well known medical publisher, authenticated the books by publishing them.

In 1946, The Rockefeller Foundation began providing funds for “library” activities such as Kinsey’s production of very explicit films which soon found their way into medical schools. This activity became so important that a sophisticated photographic laboratory with a full time photographer was hired – all compliments of the Rockefeller Foundation. “Vernon Mark, a professor at Harvard Medical School, noted that the introduction of pornographic films into medical training, and the unwholesome influence of the films on individual doctors and the profession as a whole, was brought about by Kinsey. Physicians had traditionally been a highly respected class of spokesmen for sexual conservatism. Kinsey’s obscenity training served to erode that standard.” [xxi]

After Kinsey died, his close associate Wardell Pomeroy took charge of The Sex and Drug Forum, later called the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) located in San Francisco. This organization spews forth the same decadent, culture destroying refuse that the Kinsey Institute did. It is the “leading institution in the sexology field (controlling conference selections, journal publications, lectures, etc.) IASHS has trained more than 100,000 sex educators, doctors and ‘safe sex’ instructors.” [xxii] After learning about desensitization (eradication of inhibitions) through a program like SAR (Sexual Attitude Restructuring) they are teaching this nation’s children unless parents have opted to home-school and save their offspring from nefarious programs like “No Child Left Behind.” The mass media has gradually desensitized anyone foolish enough to watch and/or read it day after day.

Then there is SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) which was initially funded by the Playboy Foundation. Were parents given an opportunity to evaluate any of the data or corporate connections? Do parents know that some of the same people who worked with Kinsey sit on the SIECUS Sex Education Curriculum Board? Just exactly what have they been teaching your children? Unfortunately, teachers who have also been influenced by this so-called credible “research” spend more hours influencing children than a lot of parents do.

Pomeroy explains that Kinsey’s “grand scheme” was to move “American society from its traditional moral standard based on marriage, to one predicated on ‘free love’. Images intended to promote and legitimize deviant behaviors were critical to this moral and cultural conversion.” [xxiii] He has attained a large measure of success – Our moral decline is not a coincidence but a devilish design. Rampant immorality tarnishes our national character. One does not have to look hard to discover the cause and effect surge of homosexuality, pervasive illicit sexual activity, loss of peace, self esteem, innocence, and self discipline often followed by physical consequences such as abortion, illness and death.

Kinsey’s books, data, fetid films, and his despicable amoral, totally insensitive brutal behavior and utter disrespect for others are unconscionable. He did not merit the title of scientist but brings dishonor to those engaged in true scientific research for the benefit of mankind. He was nothing more than an educated complicit, compromised sexual predator/criminal that was bent on bringing others down to his hellish level of perversity and immorality while destroying the basic unit of society – the family. And, unfortunately, his influence has outlived him.

“What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils, for it is folly, vice, and madness, without restraint…” Edmund Burke

Part 7

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