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I have not up-dated this page since about 2009. I no longer endorse all of the information or all of the people connected with many of the links, particularly those associated with 9/11, and am not making additions or alterations.


Did We Know What Was Coming?
9/11 Asbestos: The Mesothelioma Concern    thanks to an astute student!!  
9-11 Visibility Project National Disgrace: Review of 9/11 Commission Report
911 Center For cooperative Research
Complicity in 9/11 Attack The Haunting of the White House
Did NORAD Send The "Suicide" Jets? Family Steering Committee
9-11 Research The Flight of the Bumble Planes
9-11 Citizens Watch 911 In Plane Site
This War on Terrorism is Bogus Huge Questions
Flight 77 Files - Very Good Links to Documented Complicity Evidence
Hunt the Boeing Pentagon Images
The 9/11 WTC Collapses Incredible 9-11 Evidence We Have Overlooked
Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth 9-11 Conspiracy Fact & Fiction by William Jasper
Foreknowledge and Failure - William Norman Grigg

The 9/11 Commission Report: A 571-Page Lie

William Rodriguez The Ghosts of 9-11


Republicans and Abortion Americans United For Life
The Right to Lie  

Books & Magazines

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America News With Views Store
The New American  


CAFTA: Exporting American Jobs & Industry  


Ron Paul - 14th District of Texas - Articles The Liberty Committee
Tom Tancredo Ron Paul - Texas, 14th District
Contacting Congress How To Communicate With Public Officials
How Are Your Representatives Voting - TRIMonline!  


The Constitution: Use It or Lose It - John F. McManus Congress And the Constitution - Gary Benoit
Battling For the Constitution - Robert W. Lee Republics And Democracies - Robert Welch
The Religious Right & the Constitution The New American - Constitution Articles


Whom Do We Elect? - Gary Benoit Constitutionalists Needed as Electors in 2008
Ballot Access News Project Vote Smart
Operation Clean Sweep by Devvy Kidd Forget Bush, Go After Congress
Follow The Money State Politics Insanity - Conservatives Voting Republican

ERA, Feminist Movement

Stop ERA Save The Males


Hypocrisy and the Ordeal of Terri Schiavo by Ron Paul The Governor & President Have Murdered Terri Schiavo
Two Women Who Fought to Survive Michael Schiavo's Perfect Crime
Why the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Case Matters  

Family Values

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

KJOS Ministries - Great Articles

Federal Reserve

Foundation For the Advancement of Monetary Education Federal Reserve System - A Parasite by Vieira
Return To Constitutional Money by Vieira Debt & Money
Billions For the Bankers  

Flight 800

Associated Retired Aviation Professionals What Really Happened?
TWA Flight 800 Disaster: Cover-Up? Flight 800, Independent Researchers Organization
Investigating TWA Flight 800  

Food & Drug Administration

Playing God at the FDA Aspartame


Stop the FTAA High Treason, Free Trade Area of the America's - John Newby
Riding the Free Trade Raft Over The Falls  

G8 Summits

What Should America Do For Africa? - Ron Paul  

Gun Rights - 2nd Amendment

Gun Control and Genocide  

House of Representatives - U.S. For Illinois

U.S. House Judiciary Committee U.S. House of Representatives By State
J. Dennis Hastert - Illinois, 14th District Henry Hyde - Illinois, 6th District
Danny K. Davis (D), Illinois, 7th District Jesse Jackson Jr. (D), Illinois, 2nd District
John Shimkus (R), Illinois, 19th District Jan Schakowsky (D) - Illinois, 9th District
Ray LaHood (R) - Illinois, 18th District Bobby Rush (D) - Illinois, 1st District
Lane Evans (D) - Illinois, 17th District Jerry F. Costello (D) - Illinois, 12th District
Mark Steven Kirk (R) - Illinois, 10th District Jerry Weller (R) - Illinois, 11th District
Daniel L. Lipinski (D) - Illinois, 3rd District Timothy V. Johnson (R) - Illinois, 15th District
Judy Biggert (R) - Illinois, 13th District Luis V. Gutierrez (D) - Illinois, 4th District
Emanuel Rahm (D) - Illinois, 5th District Donald Manzullo (R) - Illinois, 16th District
Melissa L. Bean (D) - Illinois, 8th District  

Illegal Immigration

American Patriots Center For Immigration Studies
Frosty Wooldridge on Illegal Immigration The Real Cause of Health Insurance Crisis
Federation For American Immigration Reform Numbers USA
Protect Arizona Now Report Illegals
Team America The American Resistance
The Social Contract Press The United Patriots 
Border Patrol Union Supports Minutemen Should Officials of the FDIC Be Prosecuted?
Minuteman Project Desert Invasion - U.S.
Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus Hospital To the World
Illegal Immigrants and EMTALA L.A. Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Immigrants
Illegal Immigration Fears Have Spread Federation For American Immigration Reform
The Top Ten Reasons to Enforce Immigration Laws, NOW 1965 Immigration Act

Illinois Government

Find your Illinois District Illinois State Representatives
Illinois Government Representative's Addresses
Illinois State Senators Senator's Addresses
How to Communicate With Public Officials Representatives Phone Numbers
Senator's Phone Numbers Bill Search
Find District/Elected Officials Using Your Address  

Iraqi War

Dear George and Dick Mothers Against The Draft
Regime Change Was an Immoral Excuse for War The 'Good' War
National Security Archives What Does 'Democracy' Mean Over There?
AntiWar.Com A Pretext for War


American Voice Radio The Power Hour
Asia Times Free market News Network
Lew Rockwell Cato Institute
The Ether Zone The Welch Report
The Invisible Hand of the Media - Censorship News With Views
Who Controls the Media The Conservative Voice
Information Clearing House  

National Debt

Public Servants, My Foot  

New World Order

Conspiracy Archive - Great Articles The Project for the New American Century
The New World Order Terry L. Cook
Christians Being Groomed to Accept Anti-Christ? Save The Males
The New World Order Cafe - Great Graphics  

Oklahoma City Bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing In the New American Truth Matters - Without It There Can Be No Justice
Lies in the Oklahoma City Bombing Case  

Pearl Harbor

The Secret of Pearl Harbor The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor by John T. Flynn

Pro Life

Americans United For Life Priests For Life
National Right To Life Committee  

United Nations

Could the UN Use Military Force Against the US Get Us Out of the UN
Why Do We Fund UNESCO? Agenda 21
Trading U.S. Rights for UN Rules How Communism & the U.N. Set Out To Destroy America, Pt 1
How Communism & the U.N. Set Out To Destroy America, Pt 2 How Communism & the U.N. Set Out To Destroy America, Pt 3
How Communism & the U.N. Set Out To Destroy America, Pt 4  

United States

What is a Republic The Doors of Perception
Reconsidering the Patriot Act Unanimous Treason - Real ID
The End of America - Real ID Online Historical Works
We Are A Republic  


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