Iraq After The 2003 US Invasion


1- A book about the dictatorship and despotic rule of prime minister Maliki:


2- An article about the situation in Iraq under Maliki:


3-The documentary released in 2006 by the BBC channel 4 on the death squads run by the Iranian Solagh who was the Minister of Interior in the time Prime Minister Jaafari.


4-A Nation Magazine article about Maliki's death squads

 5-A documentary on the connection between the US and the death squads in Iraq.


 6-An article in an Arab newspaper based in London about Maliki's latest speech in Kerbala.   It was anti -Sunni which we Iraqis construe as anti-Arab.


 7- An article about Maliki's death squads in the National Interest magazine:


8-  Youtube videos on torture and killing inside Maliki's prisons:



9- Youtube video on the Abu-Ghraib Prison run by Maliki's militia:



  10- Article about one of the infamous death squad leaders who is now a member of the so-called Iraqi parliament:



11- Youtube video on the plundering and stealing of Iraq's revenue by American backed death squad leader, Baha Al-Aaraji. He is a Saddrist and the head of the Ahrar block in the Iraqi parliament.  The  video below shows his latest thefts and his purchase of three buildings in London for ten million pounds, UK.



12- A blog about the Al-Jadriya torturing prison:



13- Youtube video on the torture of innocent Iraqis forced to falsely confess that they are Al-Qaeda members so as to legalize their execution.  The man who screams in this video is an engineer in the municipality of Baghdad. He exposed the corruption in this municipality by Maliki's cronies. He was charged with being a terrorist.




                                                              Saddam's  Trial

Saddam's Lawyer Mr. Khamis Al-Obeidi, first in the trial, second in the hands of his kiddnappers, and third after being tortured and mutulated. These three events are separated by less than 72 hours.
















14- Youtube video on the kidnapping of  the lawyer, Khamis Al_Obeidi:



15- Youtube video showing the witness who was bribed by the chief prosecutor to testify falsely against Saddam, but who didn't.




16- Youtube video of Iraqi women reciting a poem at the trial, praising President Saddam:



17- Youtube video of one of Saddam's prosecutors caught in a dance around Saddam's body, with the Al-Quds brigade, hailing Iran.






        Two examples of SWAT Crimes


18-Article and two Youtube videos on the Haweja massacre perpetrated by the Maliki militia called SWAT:


 19- Youtube videos of demonstrations by the people of Kerbala against the brutal killing of soccer coach Muhammad Abas by Maliki's SWAT forces.



Testimony about the Death Squads and their Connections with Maliki and the U.S.


20- Youtube video of testimony by the head of Iraqi intelligence, Mr. Al-Shehwani, interviewed by the Al-Arabiya TV channel,  exposing the Maliki's regime strong ties and connections with the Iranian regime.  He affirmed that the so called president of Iraq is nothing but an employee for Qasim Selimani, Commander of the Iranian Al-Quds brigade:



 21- Youtube video of testimony by Gen. Brig. Muntather Al-Samarayi, exposing the crimes of the commandos of the so-called Iraqi police force under Prime Minister Jaafari, the predecessor of Maliki:



23-Youtube video of testimony by Brig. Gen. Jawad Romi Aldaini, exposing the slaughter of Iraqis at the hands of Maliki's militias both army and police.   He enlisted and served in the Iraqi army from 2004 and left in 2006.  He was interviewed by the  Al-Sharqiya TV channel.