He Will Lead Us Carefully Down To Hell

By Deanna Spingola
11 June 2005

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 "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Johann Von Goethe


Individuals who, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, refute the existence of God, by necessity, inevitably must also dismiss the existence of Lucifer, in spite of the abundant evidence of his power. With accurate perception one can readily recognize the two existing oppositional world forces. However, when individuals reject the existence of God and Lucifer then accordingly they also reject the idea of sin, punishment or consequences. They also discard any principles of righteousness or morality. Then the skeptics can act as their own god and formulate their own standards and rules of behavior.


Though many individuals believe in Godís existence they are unable to grasp the purpose of evil. Though there are hundreds of references to the devil or the dragon who is called Lucifer or Satan in the Old and New Testament, many individuals just do not believe in his literal existence or the pervasive power he exerts in the world. God allows this evil influence that all may exercise agency. Opposition between good and evil must exist or there wouldnít be an opportunity for choice. For individual progress man must have the liberty and the possibility to choose. By resisting Luciferís temptations and choosing the good we acquire character as opposed to surrendering and descending to the level of sin and decadence. Borrowing from a C. S. Lewis concept: one does realize how strong they could have been if one gives into temptation early.


Agency is a gift from God as part of His merciful plan. Luciferís alternative plan of depriving mankind of agency provided only for his glory at the expense of our freedom. Ego trips are always taken on someone elseís expense account. After a verbal but fierce battle with Michael and his angels, Lucifer and the third that followed him were cast out into the earth and the ferocious battle between good and evil continues. [1]


Among others, the profound prophet Isaiah of the Old Testament confirms the existence and methodology of the evil one in Isaiah 14:12-17. Isaiah concludes the following about Lucifer:

1.     He would weaken the nations.

2.     Lucifer desired to ascend into heaven and be exalted above the stars of God.

3.     He wanted to be like the most High.

4.     And when we ultimately recognize the source of the worldís destruction, sin and chaos we would say: Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; that made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?


From the foregoing reference we may surmise Luciferís goals. He wants total control of mankind by governing the entire world. Presumably this would be a one world government. Luciferís plan is based on the psychological manipulation of mankind while Godís plan is based on love of others. While Christ promotes loving others first, Luciferís ďme firstĒ plan is based on love of himself at the exclusion of others. His devious alternative plan elevates himself and diminishes everyone else. His deceptive philosophy attracts like-minded disciples and minions willing to embrace this father of lies, hatred, contention, warfare and genocide as they promote a similar agenda for similar purposes Ė ultimate power and control. He encourages division that he may conquer. He inspires warfare, death and annihilation.


Many believe in prophecy and recognize that Luciferís time is brief. Therefore, he saturates the earth with hatred and divisiveness in a last ditch effort to obstruct godís plans. For example, those familiar with prophecy understand that the Jews were to return to their homeland before the second coming. Lucifer uses and is also familiar with prophecy. What better scheme of preventing prophecy fulfillment than to entice the hateful Hitler to exterminate the entire race. At Luciferís bidding, other tyrants have and continue to commit wholesale slaughter often under the guise of national security, womenís abortion rights, toppling tyrannies or establishing a democracy. Remember, Lucifer is the destroyer of nations or governments.


While the riches of the earth were designed to benefit mankind, Lucifer uses the abundant resources of the earth to procure and influence the materialistic minded. One can literally buy anything in this world for money. Wicked leaders frequently trade their loyalties, abandon personal principles, place fellow citizens into servitude and generally follow Luciferís agenda for the appropriate remuneration. Unethical people may always be purchased Ė it is merely the settlement of price.


One does not have to embrace devil worship or belong to a coven and meet in a forest at midnight to sacrifice small animals to be a disciple of the devil. The super rich who seek devilish dominion and complete control over others may simply gather in a Washington or New York area surreptitious society such as the Council on Foreign Relations. Or gather in a foreign country with the Bilderberg Group.


Association with others of the same mind set is necessary for the promulgation and implementation of their socialistic satanical philosophy. One can even profess Christianity, daily bible reading and discuss family values to create the faith facade. It is beneficial to be observed and photographed carrying a bible into church once a week. Spouses must also establish the proper demeanor to complete the illusion. Our actual behavior constitutes who we really worship. We emulate who we worship. We worship who we emulate. Is oneís behavior truly Christ-like which is expressed by a willingness to sacrifice selfish desires and a genuine love and concern for others? A Christ-like person would never use others for their own gain. However, someone who is Lucifer-like puts his own egomaniacal desires above everything else, even anotherís life but never his or her own.


Adhering to Luciferís agenda often requires solemn but pretentious vows and invocating Godís blessings upon others who render sacrificial patriotic service to further the one world agenda. The whole objective is to establish credibility with the faithful. The right hand on the bible is mere formality thus giving additional meaning to the taking of the Lordís name in vain as more than profanity. It is using his name only for the purpose of advancing your own agenda and not His. Oneís true discipleship becomes apparent after an election by observing activity instead of rhetoric. You really can tell a tree by its fruit Ė so it is with people.


The ungodly operate on the premise that behavior is based solely on what is expedient for the creature. It is situational ethics. It is dog eat dog. Life is merely the struggle to gain power and money by using intellect, deception and aptitude. Their deceptive doctrine invariably contains the sentiment that what is supposedly good for the country is primary. The implications are that the individual is totally insignificant. This is very opposite to the Christian view. Their devilish dogma promotes a utopian society promising equality for everyone. But in their society there will always be those who are more equal than the rest of society.


For many, power and money apparently provide a level of comfort to which they feel especially entitled. Others, not considered as entitled but persuaded by love of country, do the hard stuff like leave their families and occupations to fight in endless wars while their families try to make ends meet. Tragically the very weapons used against them were often previously provided to the enemy by our own government. Once home, if they return, they frequently face dishonor and prejudice with little or no support from the government they fought for. They are left alone to piece together their lives, both physically and emotionally. So-called conservative media, attempts to convince us that war is for the good of our country. Yet, remember, Lucifer uses warfare to weaken and create national division and division precedes internal conquest. War should be engaged in only for the defense of our country and our God given liberty. The conservative/liberal, republican/democrat controversies merely provide distraction from what is really going on.


The self-loving, self-serving pretenders use others, without culpability. To them, citizens serve merely as resources to accomplish their nefarious goals. Individuals who are grounded in the Judeo Christian values of love, respect, compassion, honesty and selflessness attempt to always employ those characteristics in their relationships with others. Both God and Lucifer operate in the selfsame world providing opposition, good and bad, in all things. They both know each of us including our potentials and weaknesses. Lucifer uses this knowledge to tempt us and make us forget in whose image we are created. He tries to bring out the very worst in us. While God, through the use of our conscience, inspires the best in us. As residents of the planet we are influenced, collectively or individually, by both.


America has been blessed by the God of Heaven during the time that we attempted to live by the great principles embodied in the Constitution. God has given us the ability to judge between good and evil. We are experiencing decay and destruction because of our own greed and by electing those who savagely slash Constitutional principles while we apathetically conform and hope for the best after voting for the least of the two evils. While God inspired the Constitution for our benefit, Lucifer and his disciples also make use of this grand document through corruption and judicial double talk. Apparently the guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness now include anytime abortion, rejection of the Ten Commandments, same sex marriage, and pornography presented as entertainment and the list goes on and on and on.


Lucifer targets families, the basic unit of society, by promoting gender bashing, feminism, alcoholism, pornography, gambling, gender distortion, abortion, depression, divorce, drugs Ė both illegal and those obtained legally at the local pharmacy for the use of social engineering. If he can destroy the basic unit of any society, he can destroy that society. In his effort to deprive man of his liberty, there is nothing better than brain numbing drugs and alcohol. Loss of agency also occurs through gambling and other compulsive behaviors. Lucifer delivers dependence and enslavement to those who believed they were obtaining rights and privileges.


Foundationless individuals attempting to fill a void are often confused. The homosexual agenda is avidly promoted as an alternative in a media targeted towards the young and impressionable. Sexual immorality and homosexuality are advocated in federally controlled schools, camouflaged as sex education. This serves to initiate curiosity in emotionally immature minds unprepared for such blatant brainwashing. Yet teaching morality is viewed as the infliction of inappropriate values. Good is considered evil and evil is considered good. The bible is now hate literature while filthy profanity is free speech.


We live in a time of enlightenment: advanced technology, medical resources, high speed travel, space exploration, modern housing, longer life expectancy, etc., etc, etc. Although we associate these circumstances with the civilized countries these same blessings could exist elsewhere in the world. Third world countries are ravaged by the manipulations of wicked men in high places, and not only by their own leaders. Under the guise of friendship and assistance, larger so called civilized countries all too frequently extract available natural resources from smaller vulnerable nations and leave poverty and despair behind.


The theory of over population, often used to promote abortion and limit population growth, is a secular notion rather than a biblical truth. When the God of creation planned the earth and its resources I am certain He worked the numbers and created sufficient resources to accommodate his children, the crown of His creations. While in this probationary veil of tears, satanical greed and covetous characteristics motivate war which perpetuates bloodshed, disease, famine and human misery.


Governments, ideally created for the protection of citizens, more frequently enslave the very citizens they are empowered to protect. Most humans, at the hands of wicked leadership are deprived of liberty or free agency, the gift of a loving God. Individuals living in a free society benefit from their own labors and are motivated to produce more for the benefit of themselves as well as others. With insight and perception it is relatively easy to associate the free agency of capitalism with the Lordís plan for His children.  With that same insight and perception we may easily associate freedom stealing socialistic societies with Lucifer and his kingdom. While the utopian, socialist idea of equality for everyone sounds great, it is merely Luciferís mesmerizing imitation of Godís plan.


The cost of genuine peace is righteousness and obedience to principles whether you believe in the principles or not. For mankind to be happy they must be governed by Godís laws. Breaking those laws, whether through ignorance or utter contempt does not mitigate the dire consequences. Unfortunately, consequences fall on the lot of us and not just the wicked. When the wicked rule, the people mourn. May we each do the following: sufficiently repent, recapture our lost courage, reject highly paid political propaganda and demand accountability from elected officials. And may God help us to return our nation to the position where He may deem it worthy of His blessings.


[1] New Testament, Revelation 12


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