Political Charades or Is It Musical Chairs

By Deanna Spingola
30 January 2005

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Candidate choice was not arbitrary when the Democratic/Republican party was planning their 2004 election strategy.


Many questioned why Kerry would even attempt to run his entire “reporting for duty” presidential campaign based on a questionable four month tour of duty in Vietnam, unmerited ribbons or was it medals, shrapnel wounds and other exaggerations. Not only did he parade his outdated service, as if he had not done anything notable since, but as evidence of his valor, he also flew a group of crony veterans around the country to campaign with him.  Hopefully this little “band of brothers” had nothing else better to do. I am sure they were well compensated for their purported altruistic efforts.


Being an aggressive opportunist, Kerry, upon returning from Vietnam captured the headlines by bearing false witness against those who honorably completed their service in Vietnam. Apparently simple opposition would not serve his personal agenda. He demonstrated leadership abilities by representing “Vietnam Veterans Against the War”, no matter that many members of this group had never served in Vietnam or anywhere else. Opposition was not new. Our country was extremely divided over the war issue. We had already experienced communist chasing in Korea; a not for victory, no win Police Action, supposedly a one time deviation from traditional warfare where victory was the actual goal. It simply set the pattern for Vietnam or any other country. Vietnam was not about victory but about containing the terrorists; oh excuse me, the communists.


On June 6, 1971, John Kerry falsely described the work of the Swift boats to the Washington Star. He made bogus claims that the swift boat officers were butchering civilians. He also testified before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (He is now a member.) on 22 April 1971 about circumstances that he had personally participated in such as rape, cutting off ears, cutting off heads, cutting off limbs, blowing up bodies, shooting civilians, razing villages, zapping genitals with portable telephone wires and poisoning food stocks. He accused the U.S. military of committing war crimes "on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command." While it appeared that he might have been trying to cleanse his soul and take his punishment like the exception to the rule William Calley, it actually turned out to be communist propaganda derived from the notorious Winter Soldier conference largely funded by one of Hollywood’s lefties, Comrade Jane Fonda. The “veterans” who gave eye witness accounts and statements at this conference turned out to be imposters. John Kerry was certainly in good company. John Kerry and his real “band of comrades”, supportive and complicit with the enemy, merited the title of traitors. His postwar activities disgraced and maligned those who served with honor.


On June 30, 1971 John Kerry and John O’Neil, a real Swift Boat veteran, appeared on a broadcast of "The Dick Cavett Show." John O’Neil was uncompromising and persuasive in his presentation of the facts. His obvious integrity and determination to stand up for truth was refreshing and inspiring. He was not going to allow Kerry to perpetuate ongoing character assassination against Vietnam Veterans.


So why, in view of all of this history, would Kerry run on his service record. He must have known that O’Neil would resurface. O’Neil came forth merely to establish the truth in 1971. Did Kerry imagine that O’Neil would remain silent when the US presidency was at stake? Kerry is not a stupid man. His Vietnam War based campaign had gapping holes the size of the Grand Canyon. He is calculating and manipulative, always at the right party, in the right meeting and living in the right state at the right time. George W. Bush’s second term was a guarantee with John Kerry as his accomplice; oh, excuse me, opponent.


So what is in it for him, what’s the payoff? Did he go through that annoyance and character denigration for naught? There are no coincidences in politics – it is orchestrated and calculated, and not just for current election battles. John Kerry and his Vietnam service, or lack thereof, were handpicked. Howling Howard Dean was handpicked and recently rewarded – the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. For goodness sake – what a surprise, his challenger Donnie Fowler dropped out of the race and endorsed Dean.


Of course Bush would win, especially with his appeal to Christians. Sometimes we are such a naďve group. Bush had acted as the protector of our freedoms, especially after 9/11. America was in the middle of a police action, undeclared war, pre-emptive strike or whatever we are calling it these days. Were they really going to chance electing “the wrong war at the wrong time Kerry”? Media reaction to his voting for the 87 million and then not voting for the 87 million was that he is ANTI AMERICAN. He didn’t care about the troops. He already showed his utter disdain for people who served their country. America learned her lesson from his history.


The stage was set. Bush could complete his agenda AGAINST America. What Republican in Congress would jeopardize a political career by questioning the Bush War or anything else? Why did we go to Iraq? WMD’s were not found but Americans will buy the Iraqi liberty and democracy agenda. The conservative pundits are following along – never mind the original reason for going to war. WMD’s were not on Hussein’s current shopping list. He was no doubt too busy spending the food money designated for Iraqi citizens. He wouldn’t think to kill the goose with the golden egg.


Finding Saddam Hussein hiding in a spider hole provided the perfect opportunity for them to oust the tyrant and bring liberty to Iraq. I wonder who put him there to begin with, strange. The claim is that the tyrant Hussein killed many of his own countrymen – women and children.


Our sanctions beginning in 1991 also devastated the innocent children of Iraq every bit as much as Hussein. What is the difference between then and now? What changed? Iraqi citizens have been in dire circumstances for years. How can we sanction and deprive them of basic needs and then become compassionate and concerned about their liberty? What is the secret agenda here?


Many patriotic, honorable Americans are willing to fight for freedom, often without knowing that they are losing their freedoms at home. Our troops could very well spend their time actually fighting the foreign invasion on our southern borders. They might be safer and would at least be closer to home.


And whatever happened to the administration’s search for bin Laden? You know that aged terrorist they were going to follow to the ends of the earth and bring to justice. It has all the appearances of O. J. Simpson’s search for the real killer. Osama bin Laden is probably safely tucked away, hooked up to a dialysis machine, in some comfy American hospital at taxpayer’s expense. No doubt there is an adjacent video production studio for occasional jolts of propaganda as needed. After a prearranged express exit from Afghanistan we don’t expect to find him in a spider hole somewhere; not this covert friend of the first family.  


After all of the rhetoric and all the campaigning the Republican/Democrat or the Democrat/Republican party will continue to trade chairs when the music stops or play at trying to guess the secret phrase. The political landscape will remain the same – we will continue to lose our own liberties while pretending to fight for the liberty of others. We will enable aliens to work while Americans lose their ability to care for their families. We will allow illegal aliens to cross unprotected borders while we lose our sons and daughters in a foreign land thousands of miles away. And Bush will be praised and applauded for the Iraqi elections which will still leave them in dire circumstances.


There is one hope – and it has absolutely nothing to do with man made governments. Wicked governments will no longer hold their citizens captive. When He rules, there will be no games; no political rhetoric and all will have liberty without regard to race, wealth or any other worldly consideration. Liberty is a gift from God. We must cherish it and attempt to retain it.


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