Capitol Crime without Punishment
by Deanna Spingola
15 January 2005

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Situational ethics are often determined by convenience, circumstance or opportunity. What may be deemed to be right in one circumstance is seen as wrong in another. It appears that we live in a time where good is viewed as evil and evil is viewed as good.

The biblical principles of forgiveness and mercy are often used by those who regularly shun religion in their efforts to save a convicted killer. Often the same individuals who expect abortion on demand light candles at the local prison in support of convicts attempting to avoid the death penalty.

Those with a bleeding heart liberal mindset often demonstrate contrived compassion and concern for someone who deliberately and obviously displayed neither for the victim. It appears that the liberally minded capriciously place more value on a criminal’s life than on the victim. Yet they view the premeditated death of an infant as a woman’s right. Personal rights demand personal responsibility. Few animals destroy their young in such a dastardly manner. Rather they often defend them against predators with their very lives. Liberals view the death penalty as inhumane treatment while applauding laws that sanction any kind of abortion which is always cruel, inhumane and painful. What is wrong with a government that does not carry out the law in order to protect its innocent citizens from the harm of others? This same government consistently corrupts the law of the land to cast favored status on specific groups of people such as criminals, which include the thousands of illegal immigrants who cross our borders. Mr. bush unsurprisingly gave them the status of hero during his election campaign. They are breaking the laws that Mr. bush swore to uphold.

Forgiveness and mercy have application in our personal lives. We should practice forgiveness. However, governments are established to safeguard the God given rights of all citizens. Every human has the right to life and liberty unless they have broken a law. The consequence of disobedience to law should be enacted whether it is capitol punishment, restitution or public service depending on the crime. Both the Old and New Testament deplore murder, the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought or under circumstances of criminality that the malice is presumed, is a sin unto death. (1 John 5:16-17) That is the government’s job – to exercise justice for the benefit of all citizens. We live in a free country but we are not free to harm others without consequences. Our rights come from God, not the government. What the government appears to give, they may also take away. They only give what they have taken from the citizens of this country.

The government cannot enact laws that an individual could not independently act on. If your neighbor were pregnant and asked that you perform an abortion would you do it? Of course not, yet our government routinely does what is illegal for an individual to do. Individuals who elect people to act in their behalf cannot delegate immoral or illegal acts to that group of people who represent us and are paid by the citizens. The citizens of this country created the government not the other way around. This is not a right that the people of the United States can legally assign to the government. 

When will the government, those that represent the people, follow the law? When laws are broken, there should be consequences. That is the natural order of things. Courageous, well informed voters need to exercise their rights and replace government representatives that repeatedly break the law and fail to protect its citizens.

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