Bush’s War of Terror, WTC Buildings
Part 10
By Deanna Spingola

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The disastrous events of 9/11 ultimately caused the destruction of every building in the World Trade Center complex. Any reliable investigation should include the background and ownership or control of the crime scene, particularly if that crime scene involves a huge loss of life and/or insurance money.

I provide the following very interesting background as information only – without personal opinions, allegations or inferences: The New York and New Jersey Port Authority decided to award the lease of the twin towers and other buildings in the World Trade Center Complex, including Buildings 4 and 5 and two 9-story office buildings to Silverstein Properties and Westfield America, Inc. Peter S. Lowy is the Chief Executive Officer of Westfield America, Inc. They were actually the low bidders but were awarded the lease because the competing bidder, Vornado Realty Trust was not able to reach a final agreement. [i]

Larry Silverstein already had control of WTC 7 and the nearby Equitable Building. As a result of the Port Authorities decision, a document was drafted on 24 July 2001 which stated the following: “New York Governor George E. Pataki and New Jersey Acting Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco today hailed the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's decision to privatize the management and operation of the World Trade Center, a world-renowned icon that for three decades has been New York City's most famous landmark.”

“Silverstein Properties, Inc., and Westfield America, Inc. will lease the Twin Towers, completed in 1972 at a cost of $370 million, and other portions of the complex in a deal worth approximately $3.2 billion – the city's richest real estate deal ever and one of the largest privatization initiatives in history.” The cost of this lease was for a fraction of their real value. The twin towers were part of an urban renewal project spearheaded by the Rockefeller family. [ii]

This lease was for 99 years and the negotiations by Lewis M. Eisenberg, the chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, had begun in April 2001. [iii] Westfield America leased the portion of the World Trade Center referred to as “the mall” which constituted 427,000 square feet of retail space. “The Mall has 75 specialty stores, restaurants and service retailers, and will be branded 'Westfield Shoppingtown World Trade Center.' The Mall has one of the highest producing sales volumes in America with sales in excess of $900 per square foot. It serves 40,000 office workers, 150,000 daily visitors and is an important business and tourism hub.” [iv]

“Eisenberg has served as Chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee in Washington, D.C. since January 2002, raising crucial dollars for Republican candidates across the country. During the last year (2004), Eisenberg helped raise $135.3 million for the Republican Party.” [v] He is also known as a Republican Super Power Ranger. [vi] A Super Power Ranger is someone who was willing to individually contribute $300,000 to the 2004 Bush/Cheney campaign. [vii]  Eisenberg personally gave $307,000 and has been an influence in the Bush administration. [viii] He is also a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition. [ix]

“Silverstein and Eisenberg have both held senior leadership positions with the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), a billion dollar Zionist “charity” organization, to which media magnate Rupert Murdoch and Lowy generously contribute. In 1997, Henry Kissinger presented Murdoch with the UJA’s award for “Humanitarian of the Year.” Silverstein is a former chairman of UJA. This organization raises hundreds of millions of dollars every year for a network of Zionist agencies in the United States and Israel. [x]

In February 2002, Silverstein was awarded $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. His original investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. He constructed this building in 1987 on land leased from the Port Authority. On 6 December 2004, after a six-week trial and ten days of deliberations Larry Silverstein won the court battle against nine of twenty-four different insurers. The court agreed with his claim that the destruction of each tower should be considered a separate occurrence. If this verdict is upheld Silverstein would get up to $2.2 billion from the nine insurers. He has indicated that this money would be devoted to construction at Ground Zero. [xi] Silverstein could ultimately win $4.6 billion from the one insurer. Silverstein has already started reconstruction of the steel frame building #7 and another building, the 1776-foot Freedom Tower [xii] Cost estimates for rebuilding the WTC site range from $10 to $12 billion. [xiii] Given these estimates, one has to wonder how much asbestos removal and renovation would have cost for the towers.

The World Trade Center complex had a total of seven buildings. The buildings that dramatically disappeared on that day were the twin towers and WTC 7. Authorities claim is that they collapsed because of fire. WTC 7 was across the street and to the north of all the other buildings in the complex. It is alleged that WTC 7 was pelted by burning debris from the towers. The available pictures and video showing small isolated fires are of the north and east sides of the building. The north side would obviously be the most impacted by any debris from the towers. There are no pictures or video that show any raging fire in WTC 7 but rather there are numerous scenes that show the few isolated fires. 

There has never been a steel frame building that has ever collapsed as a result of fire. [xiv] There have been numerous steel buildings that have had severe fires that burned for several hours but the buildings never collapsed. The towers were built to withstand 160 mile winds and the crash of a 707, a plane not much smaller than a 767. They were also heavily imbued with asbestos, a fire retardant. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 AM after being hit at 9:03 AM (56 minutes). The North Tower collapsed at 10:28 AM after being hit at 8:46 AM (1 hour, 42 minutes).

We are told that the towers were severely weakened by the crashes. Yet, from photos and video both towers appeared stable and motionless after the impacts. In fact, the damage appeared to be minor rather than severe.

“As many as 45 exterior columns between floors 94 and 98 on the northeast (impact) side of the North Tower were fractured – separated from each other – yet there is no direct evidence of "severe" structural weakening. None of the upper sections of the broken perimeter columns visibly sags or buckles toward its counterpart column below. We can infer this because of the aluminum covers on the columns: each seam uniformly aligns properly across the Tower, forming a horizontal "dashed line" in the façade from beveled end to end. Despite an impact hole, gaps in perimeter columns, and missing parts of floors 95–98 at the opening, the aluminum façade shows no evidence of vertical displacement in the columns, suggestive of little or no wider floor buckling at the perimeter.” [xv]

“The aluminum covers attached to the columns also aligned vertically after impact, that is, separated columns continued to visually remain "plumb" (true vertical), lining up top to bottom around the aperture, implying no perceptible horizontal displacement of the columns. Photographic evidence for the northeast side of the North Tower showed no wider secondary structural impact beyond the opening itself.” [xvi]

“The fact that perimeter columns were not displaced suggests that the floors did not buckle or sag. Despite missing parts of floors 95–98, photos show no buckling or sag on other floors. If so, that boosts the likelihood that there was little damage to the core. Photos do not document what happened within the interior/core and no one was allowed to inspect and preserve relevant rubble before government authorities – primarily FEMA – had it quickly removed.” [xvii] Tampering, interference or removal of evidence is against the law – a law obviously broken by our own government. Allegedly, all the metal was immediately shipped to China [xviii] and elsewhere with absolutely no forensics performed. [xix]

“Photos do not allow us to peer far into the interior of the building; in fact the hole is black, with no flames visible.” [xx] Most of the fire occurred outside of the building upon the plane’s initial impact. Many of us remember the gigantic fire ball. There is a photo of a woman looking down out of the impact hole which is an indication that there was neither a super serious fire nor the alleged molten steel after that external fuel combustion and explosion.

“We know that the structural core and its steel was incredibly strong (claimed 600% redundancy) making it unlikely that the core was "severely" damaged at impact. There were 47 core columns connected to each other by steel beams within an overall rectangular core floor area of approximately 87 feet x 137 feet (26.5 m x 41.8 m). Each column had a rectangular cross section of approximately 36" x 14" at the base (90 cm x 36 cm) with steel 4" thick all around (100 mm), tapering to ¼" (6 mm) thickness at the top. Each floor was also extremely strong (p. 26), a grid of steel, and contrary to claims of a lightweight "truss" system.” [xxi]

There was tragic loss of life on 9/11 including many experienced, skilled firefighters who did not anticipate the destruction of a steel building and continued their heroic efforts to distinguish the isolated fires and save individuals trapped within the building. Some of their tapes have recently been released. [xxii]

Compartmentalized thinking functions like amnesia when it comes to previous administrations and notable events such as fires and other destructive occurrences. There has certainly been no mention either by the government or our mass media about the major fire that occurred in the north tower on 13 February 1975. This fire required 132 or more firemen. It started on the 11th floor and spread to six other floors. It burned for three hours and destroyed a major portion of the 11th floor. Yet, the building did not collapse in its own footprint or explode into concrete powder that blanketed the surrounding area. [xxiii]

WTC 7 was said to have "collapsed" in roughly 7 seconds at about 5:30 PM on 11 Sept 2001. Larry Silverstein, along with the Fire Department, decided to demolish WTC 7, the Solomon Brothers building. Silverstein said:  

Silverstein is quoted in the 2002 PBS documentary America Rebuilds as saying: “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.” Pull means controlled demolition but the destruction certainly lacked the usual evidence of a demolition, such as a seismic reaction. In as much as the building had been previously evacuated, it did not mean pull the firemen. Besides, who put Silverstein in charge of fire fighter operations?

CBS News anchor Dan Rather commenting on the destruction of WTC 7 said the following: “Amazing, incredible pick your word. For the third time today, it’s reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before, where a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.” [xxiv]

Usually it takes days to strategically set up all of the explosives – especially for a 47 story building, half the height of the lofty towers. Any demolition materials would have to be purchased, delivered, set up, and wired. It requires an expert to work with explosives. Just how did Osama do that? A plane did not hit building WTC 7. How could explosives be installed in the building prior to 9/11? [xxv] These buildings simply disappeared. [xxvi] There is seismic data which indicates huge bursts of energy just prior to the twin tower destruction. [xxvii] However, that seismic response was insufficient if the buildings had collapsed. There are also credible witnesses, whose testimony has been ignored by the 9/11 commission and by the mass media.

Typical terrorist attacks on buildings have never brought down an entire building. Three of the buildings, the towers and WTC 7 seemingly collapsed in the same free fall pattern showing absolutely no resistance as they fell. A fire would not have produced powdered concrete or perfectly measured thirty feet steel beams – just the right length to be hauled away in the Controlled Demolition Inc. trucks. Controlled Demolition Inc. is the same company that cleaned up after Oklahoma City. [xxviii]

A very big question is: What was in WTC 7? What companies and records or other equipment were destroyed? We know that the New York Emergency Operations Center was on the 23rd floor. This story had a specially reinforced floor and ultra strong windows (designed to withstand 160 mph winds) and its own air supply. This would have been the safest place to be when the towers came down. “If there was a deliberate demolition of the towers and/or if there was a local center for directing 9/11 (such as directing the flights via remote control), the 23rd floor Emergency Operations Center would have been the most logical location.” [xxix]

There are just too many oddities and unanswered questions about the day that forever changed America. More skeptical awakening citizens are asking questions as they witness the government’s deprivation of our freedoms, the invasion on our southern borders and ongoing warfare with additional new targets for our enforced democracy. There are unanswered questions raised by the Family Steering Committee which were submitted to the 9/11 Commission. How many decades will it take to learn the truth about 9/11? Or will we ever learn the truth?

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