The American Empire and Big Business
Part 2, 11/7/2005
By Deanna Spingola

In part one I defined the three strategies used on target countries with a view towards destabilizing those countries while enriching big business and furthering globalist goals:

1.     Economic aid/debt to secure adherence to United States objectives for the target country. (United States executes the globalist agenda.)

2.     Covert operations which include fixed elections to install puppet leaders, assassinations of uncooperative existing elected leaders or supporting adversarial individuals in a government seizure.

3.     Military invasion.

If strategy one, using a highly paid corporate economic hit man, fails then the jackals come in with their specialized operations. If these two strategies fail, then enemy invasion becomes the last option for destabilization and seizure of power. We can easily apply these three strategies to the circumstances created by our own elected and appointed globalist leaders. When one is a dedicated globalist one views each country as prey, even their resident countries. There are no national loyalties – despite the oath one makes before God to uphold the constitution.

Strategy #1 includes saddling the target country with mountains of debt. The U.S. government consistently spends more than they confiscate through taxation. [i] The national debt has dramatically increased since the inauguration of 2001. It is now $8,018,975,834,697 and growing by the second. The Federal Reserve (private bank cabal) continues to print money while we, our children and grandchildren are enslaved with the prospect of merely paying the interest for its use. And the greater the quantity of Federal Reserve notes, the less their value. By design, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Read Devvy Kidd’s two part article about this economic enslavement entitled The Stark Reality of America’s Financial Meltdown. [ii]

Additional debt accumulation results from the redistribution of wealth as our supposed representatives spend locally for their own popularity pork projects and then send billions of dollars out of the country to subsidize American approved puppet governments and rebuild countries that we have previously bombed. Meanwhile, we “grind the face of the poor.” That new construction will be used by the rich as the hopeless poor subsist on the sidelines relegated to polluted water, scant food, a high mortality rate and no access to healthcare. No bid contracts are repeatedly given to multinational companies closely linked to the CIA and U.S. government leaders who use available slave wage labor to further enhance their own overflowing coffers. There are genuine reasons that America is hated in so much of the world. It is not because we are so good – unfortunately citizens in other countries base their faulty view of all Americans by their very negative experiences with a small devious, greedy minority. 

“International businesses give CIA agents cover, secret funding, top-quality resources and important contacts in foreign lands. In return, the CIA gives corporations billion-dollar federal contracts (for spy planes, satellites and other hi-tech spy craft). Businessmen also enjoy the romantic thrill of participating in spy operations. The CIA also gives businesses a certain amount of protection and privacy from the media and government watchdogs, under the guise of ‘national security.’ Finally, the CIA helps American corporations remain dominant in foreign markets, by overthrowing governments hostile to unregulated capitalism and installing puppet regimes whose policies favor American corporations at the expense of their people.” [iii] Capitalism is not the culprit, gluttony and avarice are.

America’s general economic circumstances diminish as mountainous pages of government regulations such as OSHA impede American businessmen. The capitalist system is designed that all may grow and gain through their own efforts, without interference. Our government should not be a major employer nor should they be in the business of creating jobs. Whatever they create, they regulate. CAFTA, a trade agreement farce, was just passed which, along with NAFTA, will further hurt the middle class, the backbone of America. If that fails, wait a few months – the FTAA is on the horizon. They are all designed to work against the middle class of America. What’s the nefarious goal, if not destabilization?

The economy has further been stifled by blatant “guest worker” invitations which created an avalanche of illegals and major disruptive cultural changes. Our government looks the other way while thousands of illegals cross our southern borders. In 2001 the Department of Homeland Security was created as a result of the events of 9/11. In 2004 it had 183,000 employees [iv] and has a 2006 budget of $41.1 billion. [v] Yet our borders remain open. According to the unpublicized proceedings of the SSP meeting on 23 March 2005 in Waco, Texas America’s north and south borders are to be eliminated in favor of the new North America followed by a redistribution of U.S. taxpayer resources. [vi] Ignoring the illegals simply implements the covert globalist agenda while most Americans wonder why our leaders fail to respond to an apparent invasion crisis.

Strategy #2 involves installing puppet leaders which brings up the possibility, nay the inevitability of vote fraud, bribery and intimidation. Yes, it does occur in our country.

Despite denials, there is reliable evidence regarding the actual versus the alleged votes cast in the 2000 election for George W. Bush. While the complicit media led everyone to believe that the democrats were either poor losers or that the Floridian democrats were just plain stupid, the Florida fiasco was ultimately settled by the court and family values George walked off the winner’s trophy – the highest elected office in the country.

He appeared to win again in 2004 except the victorious vote winning state was Ohio. In that election we had skeletons, or more correctly, Skull and Bones tumbling out of long forgotten closets. For president we could select either Skull and Bones Kerry or Skull and Bones Bush. No, Skull and Bones is not just a benign fraternity where immature individuals play pranks on each other. Many United States politicians belong to the Order of Skull and Bones as well as to another secretive society, the Council on Foreign Relations.

Pre-election we were exposed to high priced public relations including photo ops showing their best candidate profiles engaging in unrelated activities. Questionable past military activities and irrelevant failures were flaunted before us as if they answered any conceivable concern. Rarely did we hear much about the real issues except for that forever decades-long popular issue of abortion. One party always promotes pro-choice and the other party always favors pro-life. It is all merely rhetoric. By their lack of action, Republicans support abortion, an evil abomination that has taken the life of over 44 million pre-born infants. If the alleged pro-life Republicans had the courage of their pre-election claims, they would have repealed abortion long ago. Any republican majority congress that can foist the patriot act on an unsuspecting constituency should work to save the innocent from infanticide. I belong to neither party – I don’t want the blood of either party on my hands!

Politics, the playground for controlled conflict and orchestrated outrage, never tires of keeping the populace diverted and divided on the real blood and guts issues like people dying on both sides of a war, babies slaughtered before they can draw their first breath, loss of constitutional freedoms, expelling God from the public arena, upholding pornography and perversion as alternative life choices. This is the determined, devilish destabilization of America and Judea Christian values. Once we accept everything, we become committed to nothing.

As for the technicalities of the election farce, there is absolutely no way of reviewing and determining the results of any election with the prevalent use of voting machines that leave no paper trail. There are three major big profit manufacturers of these machines: Diebold, Sequoia and ES&S. They each retain control of the software that tabulates the votes. They have a very highly paid Washington lobby. Not only are these companies interested in American business but their tentacles reach out into the world community. I am sure they recently did some substantial business in Iraq.

Two companies, ES&S and Diebold, owned by two brothers, were responsible for counting 80% of the votes in 2004. [vii] The CEO of Diebold sent out a memo stating that Ohio’s votes would go to Bush. [viii]

In 1999 the Justice Department filed charges against Sequoia whose employees were accused of handing out $8 million in bribes. One of their executives was indicted for money laundering and bribery. [ix]

Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel, a relative unknown defeated Democrat Governor Ben Nelson in the 1996 senatorial race. It was the major Republican upset in the November election. He swept all three congressional districts and became the first Republican to win a U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska in 24 years. He announced his candidacy on 31 March 1995. Two weeks prior to this, Chuck Hagel “was running the voting machine company whose machines would count his votes.” [x] He had been chairman of American Information Systems (now known as ES&S) since July 1992. Fifty-six percent of the country uses ES&S machines to count their votes. [xi] “Hagel also took on the position of CEO when co-founder Bob Urosevich left in November 1993.” [xii] “While Hagel was running AIS, the company was building and programming the machines that would later count his votes.” [xiii] Hagel failed to include his position with AIS in his personal information available to the voters. Six years later, Hagel claimed that he sold his stock in that company even though it had never been listed as one of the stocks that he owned.

“As of October 2002 Hagel still had undisclosed ownership of ES&S through its parent company, the McCarthy Group.” [xiv] “The McCarthy Group is run by Hagel’s campaign finance director (in 1996 and 2002), Michael R. McCarthy, who is the director of ES&S.” Hagel hid his ties to ES&S by calling his investment of up to $5 million dollars in the ES&S parent company an “excepted investment fund”. To be “excepted” the McCarthy Group must be publicly traded which it isn’t. In 1996 and 2002, eighty percent of Hagel’s votes were counted by ES&S. Hagel pulled strings, omitted information and when he got caught, the person who caught him was replaced by someone more compliant. I am quite certain Hagel is very well thought of by other Republicans, nor for his charisma but possibly for his connections to their own winning results.

Legislation was passed in 2002 to encourage more people to vote. It was called Help America Vote Act. Voting has always been and should be under local jurisdiction. Under this nefarious act, states were required to upgrade to electronic voting by 2004. In my own state of Illinois, the company Populex was chosen to implement the change from paper to machine. Former Secretary of Defense Frank C. Carlucci is on this company’s advisory board. He was also Chairman of the Carlyle Group, a major military contractor.

“Frank C. Carlucci has been with the Carlyle Group since 1989 and served as the Chairman until 2003. He retired from his position as Chairman Emeritus of The Carlyle Group in March 2005. George H. W. Bush was also a member of the Carlyle Group until he retired as Senior Advisor to the Carlyle Asia Advisory Board in October 2003. [xv] Mr. Carlucci was Secretary of Defense from November 1987 through January 1989, following his service as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs under President Reagan.” [xvi] He was brought into the Nixon administration by Donald Rumsfeld, his wrestling partner at Princeton. While serving there, he also worked with Dick Cheney. Isn’t this a thick pot to stir?

In addition to vote fraud, there have been known and alleged CIA assassinations in our country, no matter what the Warren Commission found, as well as around the world. In the process of country destabilization the CIA spawned the feminist movement which impacted families in every ethnic group. The CIA has stealthily participated in many aspects of American life.

For a view of the CIA, you may look at the incredible article and timeline that Steve Kangas has created. Steve was working on a book about the CIA when he met a very untimely death at the age of thirty-nine. The local authorities claim that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice which is rather miraculous. He was found “In the bathroom of the offices of Richard Mellon Scaife, 2000 miles from home, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.” [xvii] Usually individuals who commit suicide do so in their own familiar surroundings.

“Richard Mellon Scaife and his tabloid have a reputation as dirt-slingers and known for kooky conspiracy theories.” [xviii] According to the 3 May 1999 Washington Post, Scaife “has given at least $340 million to fund a `war of ideas' against American liberalism.” [xix] That is, he finances conservative propaganda and propaganda mills. He is vice chairman of the board of trustees of the Heritage Foundation.

Strategy #3: If economic crisis, puppet governments or assassination does not bring utter control through destabilization or if those unapprised voters keep claiming personal freedoms then the shock and awe of war and destruction, either in your own country or in someone else’s can be very useful. It is the most effective way to further enrich multinational construction companies like Halliburton or Bechtel and globalist companies that manufacture or contract for military equipment of any kind. [xx] War and destruction, with its blood and horror, transfers the power and the treasures of the earth from one country to another. It also reduces the population of both countries. In 2001 we had an attack upon America. But it wasn’t a definitive country that attacked us. Our citizens have also lost a large measure of personal freedom via our own government. We have also lost the admiration and respect of the citizens of other countries because of the actions of a few. Essentially, we have blood on our hands because of our compliance.

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