Henry M. Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury Arrested

By Deanna Spingola


In January 2007, I wrote an article that the web site that I used to write for refused to publish. Consequently, for various reasons, I did not publish it on my own web site. Given the existing economic circumstances of the country, I thought it appropriate to publish it now. Thought it is dated, it is still very relevant. It follows:


Allegedly, authorities in Germany arrested Henry M. Paulson, then Secretary of the Treasury and brought him before an ad hoc tribunal on a warrant that an International Tribunal issued. They charged him with three things, (1) money laundering (2) the non-payment of Ambassador Leo Wanta’s funds totaling $4.5 trillion and (3) the misappropriation and/or diversion of colossal sums of money. Germany, because they served the warrant, had jurisdiction over this case. We know that Paulson was in Berlin because he met with his German counterpart, Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück, at the Finance Ministry in Berlin on December 21, 2006. Secretary Paulson also met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery to discuss key policy issues. [1]


German authorities for the World Court arrested Paulson on December 23 or 24, 2006. [2] They accused him of the diversion of funds to Deutsche Bank/Berlin, according to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. and with non-performance of Leo Wanta’s $4.5 trillion. This occurred after he met with Angela Merkel when he prevented, for the second time, the transfer of the money by German banks.


Christopher Story wrote, “Ambassador Leo Wanta's righteous quest to repatriate $4.5 trillion back into the U.S. economy has taken a twisted and disturbing turn for the worse, according to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., the corporation formed to distribute the money to the American people.” [3] Cottrell maintains that “They have been lying to everyone and it is clear they never want to release the $1.6 trillion, a small portion, into the U.S. Treasury.” The Bush Administration, and now the current administration, is apparently withholding and sequestering the said funds “and it appears they really want to bring down the economy and the country.” [4]


A web site, Global Analysis International Intelligence and financial journalist Edward Harle, working under the name Christopher Story, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York, began reporting on the Leo Wanta situation in April 2006. On Sunday December 3, 2006, he reported that the Bush administration was on the brink of collapse. [5] They also reported that the U.S. Treasury had “adopted the position that it had fulfilled its duty to settle Wanta’s $4.5 trillion” transfer. However, instead of transferring the funds legitimately, the Treasury Department was diverting the funds. Allegedly, according to that site’s editor, George W. Bush, James R. Wilkinson (deputy national security advisor for communications) and Henry M. Paulson ordered this illegal diversion was by order of George W. Bush, James R. Wilkinson (deputy national security advisor for communications) and Henry M. Paulson. Wilkinson was the former Director of Strategic Communications for General Tommy R. Franks until 2003. Then, he was accountable to the National Security Advisor and to the White House.


This would lead to a domestic and global crisis, “teetering on the brink of collapse.” The White House, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve conducted this criminal operation. Apparently, officials sent secret service agents to the residence of a compliance officer to pressure him not to reveal the contents of Paulson’s written instructions which supposedly contained the Leo Wanta payment instructions. However, instead, there were instructions for diverting the funds.


At least seven sources confirmed the arrest. An unnamed key U.S. Treasury official has been in Germany for the past two weeks testifying before the Tribunal. The staff at the U.S. Consulate and the German Attorney General (equivalent) was fully aware of the frustrated attempts of Ambassador Wanta’s corporation to obtain the release of the funds as well as Paulson’s criminal violations in association with Goldman Sachs & Company. The Clearing House Interbank Payment System credit account (CHIPS) held the money in an account credited to Goldman Sachs and Co. at Citibank.


The basic details from the aforementioned web site are as follows:

1. Official records confirmed that the International Court of Justice issued subpoenas against Henry M. Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury, and Vice President Richard Cheney. These documents cite money-laundering, the misappropriation or diversion of huge amounts of money, and the non-performance on the Wanta Plan Settlement funds of $4.5 trillion since June 2006. [6]


2. According to the story, authorities placed a senior official in the Treasury Department under a gag order and then subpoenaed him to travel to Germany to testify against Paulson. This witness stayed in Germany for two weeks, testifying before the American Consulate, the Tribunal officials, and Germany’s Attorney General. His testimony revealed the battle that Ambassador Leo Wanta and his corporate Treasurer, Michael C. Cottrell had during their efforts to secure the payment of the $4.5 trillion comprising the Wanta Plan Settlement. Apparently, President George W. Bush, the Justices of the Supreme Court and other key U.S. officials signed an order for that payment in May 2006. Moreover, the Group of Eight (G-8) was aware of and approved of this operation. [7] Cottrell testified to the “ransacking” of the funds that had taken shortly before the arrest. Paulson, former Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs & Company, had been the sole signatory over Wanta’s hijacked $4.5 trillion.


3. The official data, presented to the Tribunal, indicated that instead of restoring the funds to the U.S. Treasury, they stole them and moved them offshore, some of it to North Korea. [8]


4. This scandal was supposedly the biggest in American and world history. Both Paulson and Cheney, if tried and convicted, could have gone to jail for as long as fifteen years. Apparently, they could have restored the $4.5 trillion and then authorities could have removed them from office.  


5. Allegedly, they arrested Paulson shortly after his meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on December 21, 2006.


6. If Merkel had attempted to prevent the arrest, she would have become complicit.


7. These itemized notes are “based on intelligence verified by a senior British Central Government source, two British Intelligence confirmations and by three high-level well-placed American officials with knowledge of the subpoenaed U.S. treasury official’s schedule and testimony before the Tribunal in Germany.” [9]


8. The eight G-8 countries are aware of the financial implications of this situation which may cause a critical financial meltdown.


This situation obviously reflects badly on the United State and on the Bush Administration, which appears to be “descending into chaos because of its non-payment and non-performance on the $4.5 trillion.”


Brief newspaper reports about Paulson’s meeting on December 21 with the German Finance Minister, Peer Steinbrück, and with Chancellor Angela

Merkel appeared in several U.S. newspapers. There was, however, no mention of Leo Wanta or the money. U.S. newspapers did not report this incident although numerous foreign sources reported it.


During a trip to the U.S., according to Benjamin Fulford, George H. W. Bush, Barak Obama and other members of the criminal establishment ordered his murder. According to Story’s associates, in March 2010, someone poisoned him with a virus that scientists at Fort Meade biological warfare facility created. He died on July 14. He spoke to his associates the day before his death. Although there is an antidote for the virus, Story was unaware of his serious condition until it was too late. The virus affected his liver and the damage had progressed beyond the point of treatment. As Fulford points out, this was part of a campaign to silence journalists like Story and others such as Jane Burgermeister, who exposed the “pharmaceutical industry’s involvement in the creation of the H1N1 virus.” [10]


Conversely, the University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy Studies appointed Henry M. Paulson Jr., former United States Treasury Secretary and chief executive of Goldman Sachs, as a distinguished senior fellow. It is a five-year appointment that took effect July 1, 2011. Sara Olkon wrote, “At Chicago Harris, Paulson will add an important voice to the University’s ongoing conversations about public policy and global markets, especially the potential for strengthening cooperation between the United States and China to address global issues. Paulson brings four decades of experience in public policy and economic issues, culminating in his tenure as U.S. Treasury Secretary from 2006-09. Paulson also has extensive experience in policy and business issues concerning China, a country he has visited more than 70 times in his roles as a business leader, conservationist and public official.” [11]


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