The One-World Government
by Deanna Spingola

The money powers control the majority of the world’s political leaders, particularly in America and England, two countries that have collaborated in many aggressive campaigns against less developed resource-rich countries. These two countries have consistent strategies of conquest where they target and then invade other nations, always under false pretenses. As men and now women fight, kill and obliterate the local culture, the ubiquitous bankers and corporate moguls wait until the military has captured, arrested and tried the local political leaders and have adequately subdued the residents. Under the auspices of restoring order, the victors occupy the country, impose a central bank, build military bases to protect the natural resources and assume control of the political apparatus. Well connected corporate interests then mine the gold, silver, and minerals, extract the oil, coal, and other resources using available low-cost labor. People, shaped by the media, soon forget the initial reasons for the invasion as other circumstances develop that requires a continued occupation. An examination of unrevised history provides ample evidence of the longterm diabolical deeds of the elite classes in every country. Alternative information is available despite dedicated efforts to control information through compulsory education and the corporate-controlled media. Because history is prologue, one may acquire an accurate perception of the events and political schemes of the current power base by evaluating what those same kinds of people have done in the past. Yet, due to disinformation, deception, and calculating rhetoric, ethical moral people frequently underestimate, justify or even dismiss the suspicious behavior of their political leaders.

Notwithstanding the election charade, I reiterate – presidential candidates, with negligible exceptions, are self-serving, power-hungry, parasitical people who the money powers have recruited, coached, and installed based on their compliance to the international banker’s profit-producing agenda. Their candidates receive the media spotlight and seemingly, everything falls into place regardless of problematic qualifications. International bankers fund the industrialists who control consumer energy, communications, transportation, pharmaceutical companies, and resource
production. Industrialists socially engineer the culture through their tax-exempt foundations, which influences our perceptions from kindergarten through graduate school. The foundations control organizations like the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association and other organizations staffed with “experts” who disseminate and promote standards of behavior, medical practices, and health standards, policies and procedures. Industrialists control the politicians, professional plunderers who, despite their rhetoric, only pretend to serve the public interests while lining their own pockets. Members of Congress enact legislation, based on what thousands of industrial lawyer/ lobbyists concoct, often without so much as a glance at what they are signing. Representative government ends when the polls close.

Given the predominance of court historians, one must carefully compare America’s actual history, not the one promoted in government schools, with his/her own value system. We cannot recognize where we are going or what we have become unless we know what the politicians have perpetrated against others in our name. Almost without dissent, we gradually accepted
the transformation from an isolationist nation that purportedly encouraged the rights of self-government into a population that allowed greedy industrial interests to control our political systems, our educational systems and our religious systems in order to create an expanding globalist empire. In the process, we have sacrificed our principles, our liberties and have become self-righteous instead of righteous. The attributes of exclusivity and self-righteousness are as offensive in nations as they are in individuals.

The elite feel compelled to exercise authority and control over humanity. In order to manipulate the lives of the world’s people, they find it is essential to plunder, regulate and selectively distribute the earth’s resources – food, water and shelter and the means to obtain those necessities. The elite consider many of the world’s peoples expendable and categorize them as consumers, commodities, slaves, or useless eaters. To facilitate a nefarious worldwide hegemony, the elite purchase or seize domination within existing governments, or they take control under the guise of establishing freedom, democracy or emancipating people from dictatorial control or the potential invasion by some tyrannical group, usually one that the elite created and controlled.

Full implementation of a one-world government requires the annihilation of all defiant governments in conjunction with the establishment of central banks controlled by the international banking elite. The enforced establishment of a New World Order depends on our duplicitous military involvement for we are currently the military minions of the powerful elite.