Government Lies

compiled by Deanna Spingola


The following is obviously a work in progress. If you copy or re-post this list, please give accreditation or a link


They concealed the ratification of the original 13th Amendment banning lawyers from Congress

They lied about the real Marxist functions behind the Civil War

They lied about the purposes of the 14th Amendment

They lied about government’s ethnic slaughter in America

They lied about the reasons for the economic crash of 1893

They lied about the internal explosions on the USS Maine

They lied about the US invasion Cuba

They lied about the US invasion of the Philippines and the massive deaths

They concealed the biological warfare via vaccines against the Filipinos

They lied about the tortuous waterboarding of the Filipinos

They lied about the US seizure of Hawaii, Puerto Rico

They lied about the reasons for the economic crash of 1907

They lied about the establishment and function of the Federal Reserve

They lied about the ratification of the 16th Amendment

They concealed the reasons for Rockefeller/Carnegie control of US education

They concealed the depopulation objectives behind the seizure, by the Rockefeller/Carnegie duo, of the nation's medical industry

They lied about the false-flag sinking of the Lusitania

They lied about who created and funded Communism

They lied about and supported the Bolshevik Revolution

They lied about the facts behind the censor function of the Radio Act of 1927

They lied about the reasons for the economic crash of 1929

They concealed the facts and supported the perpetrators of the Ukrainian Famine

They concealed communists in the Roosevelt administration and the State Dept.

They lied about the Dust Bowl during which 7 million people disappeared

They lied about provoking Japan and the subsequent attack on Pearl Harbor

The concealed Japan’s biological warfare because Japan owed money to bankers

They lied about nationalist Germany, which had the happiest of populations

They concealed Eisenhower’s 200 death camps in Germany

They conceal the Jewish-controlled prisons for Germans in Poland following World War II

They lied about the reason for the United Nations

They lied about the real function of the chaotic-causing CIA

They laid the blame at the Nuremburg Tribunals, a precedent for a world Court

They lied about the Korean War

They lied about the Cold War and military build-up to profit numerous companies

They lied about nationalism in order to promote internationalism

They lied about Mossadeq and the US toppling of nationalist Iran in 1953

They lied about the Bay of Tonkin false flag they used to start the Vietnam War

They lengthened the Vietnam War to facilitate drug smuggling and oil discovery

They concealed the CIA/elite drug operations out of Vietnam

They lied about the moon landing wherein many companies made huge profits

They concealed the US seizure of Diego Garcia and the deportation of its citizens

They created the 501 (c) 3 to silence political dissent in churches and lied about it

They lied about Lee Harvey Oswald being the lone gunman

They lied about the assassination of JFK via the Warren Commission

They concealed the truth about Israel’s assault of the USS Liberty

They lied about the reasons for creating of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

They created “brain death” in order to engage in high profit organ trafficking

They concealed the privatization and corporate monopolization of public airways

They lied about the US air strikes against Libya and its sponsorship of terrorism

They lied about NAFTA and its devastating economic effect on employment

They lied about the sanctions in Iraq and the resulting deaths of 500,000 children

They lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction

They lied about the capture and killing of Saddam Hussein

They lied about 9/11, perpetrated by factions of the CIA and the Mossad

They lied about the invasion of Afghanistan and subsequent growth of poppies

They fabricated the story of Jessica Lynch

They concealed the death of former CIA asset, Osama bin Laden, in 12/2001

They lied and claimed they could not conceive of people using airplanes as weaspons

They lied about the imposition of the Talmudic-style PATRIOT Act

They lie about chemtrails and their biological and weather modification effects

They lie about the fixed election process, it matters who or what counts the votes

They lied about nationalist Libya

They lied about the capture and killing of Muammar Gaddafi

They conceal the dangers of aspartame, fluoride, mercury, and GMO foods

They conceal the fact that vaccines are part of the official depopulation policy

They conceal numerous cancer cures in order to maintain a steady cash flow

They lied to us about the reasons for the economic crash of 2008

They lied about and blamed others for the housing bubble

They conceal the fact that the nation’s privatized prisons are profit centers

They lie about the function of Obama-care and its massive profits and deaths

They lie about the function of and conceal the health hazards of smart meters

They concealed facts about Sandy Hook and implemented a damage control operation