From an RBN listener with gratitude to him for sharing his thoughts

COVID-19 is a truly amazing virus - one which has apparently cured seasonal influenza, measles, heart disease, tuberculosis, cancer and most other diseases and also abolished death from natural causes and even accidents. It appears to be highly intelligent and very selective - extremely virulent in churches, schools, restaurants, gyms, bars/clubs, and at social gatherings in private homes, yet seemingly has no effect on the thousands of employees who work at Walmart, Target, K-mart, Home Depot, Amazon Warehouses, etc... and especially liquor stores. 

The virus can also live on any surface - except for anything shipped in the mail by Amazon. Despite that the virus can travel distances of up to 6 feet, but not beyond 6'1", many public parks and beaches nevertheless remain restricted as a necessary precaution against any possible spread of infection. The halls of the U.S. Congress, Senate, national parliaments, and most other hubs of government power around the world also seem to be largely unaffected by the deadly disease.  

The virus seems to mainly target small, independent, mom & pop businesses - restaurants, barbershops, salons and such, which generally see far fewer customers than their corporate, big-box counterparts. It also has ravaged the food supply chain, caused the closing of farms, meat packing and food processing plants, and forced farmers and other food producers to lay off workers and discard their harvest in record time across America, while leaving the employees of large supermarket chains virtually unaffected. Utility workers hastily and covertly installing 5G transmitters in schools and throughout neighborhoods during the lockdowns also appear to possess a peculiar immunity, but would probably still need to be locked down and vaccinated at some point after the installations are completed.

In many areas, mandating the wearing of cloth or paper masks to prevent too much oxygen from entering people's bodies and affecting their brains, spraying beaches and streets with bleach and other noxious chemicals, while also dumping various other toxic airborne chemicals from planes over densely populated areas are all thought to be prudent and necessary measures to protect the health of the general population - especially those already suffering from acute respiratory problems.

And surprisingly, police uniforms apparently may hold some hope for a cure for the virus. Evidently, no social distancing - nor even masks - are necessary for those wearing police uniforms. Coincidentally, the large crowds of unmasked BLM & Antifa rioters and looters who often clash with them also seem to be strangely immune.
The virus is generally not known to target children, but nevertheless, arbitrary school closures and social-distancing policies have been adopted in many areas as necessary precautions against the deadly threat.

Although animals were not initially thought to be in any danger, the President of Tanzania recently discovered that goats, fruits, and even motor oil can test positive for the dreaded virus, as can unused COVID test swabs submitted to labs in the United States - in other words, virtually
 anything might be contaminated.

In an effort to further inform and educate the public about the severity of the crisis, hospitals and local news media in some areas - especially in New York - have teamed up to stage and film fake corporate media events using training mannequins and hordes of crisis actors portraying sick and dying victims for an avalanche of mainstream news clips showing overworked hero doctors and nurses courageously battling this terrible but invisible enemy - one that can never be definitively identified or fully eradicated and always lurking in the shadows - much like the imagined Muslim boogeymen in the war of terror which our news media had so often warned us about before the emergence of this new menace.

A sophisticated, cosmopolitan virus, it seems especially prevalent in the New York City area.  There appears to exist the less-lethal Celebrity and Politician Strains, and then a much more common Highly Deadly Strain which devastates much of the general populace in certain areas of the world, as seen in New York, Italy, and elsewhere.  Even more amazing, in Sweden one can freely mingle unprotected with others, shake hands, even hug grandchildren and remain healthy and unaffected, while the UK, German, and French strains forbid this. In India alone, the deadly virus has managed to force 1.3 billion people into lockdown in their homes indefinitely after decimating a horrifying 0.008% of their population within just a few short months.

Australia has imposed some of the most severe lockdown policies and barbarous Police State tactics, having recorded a staggering 904 deaths so far - an absolutely astonishing 0.003% of their total population. New Zealand too - with an alarming 25 deaths - an unthinkable 0.0005% of their population - has simply had no other choice but to enforce equally draconian measures to protect its citizenry from the threat of infection. As the dreaded virus is thought to become much more active at night, strict curfews have been established in several countries in a valiant and noble effort to curb the spread.
Meanwhile, despite no lockdowns or quarantines in very crowded Japan - right next door to China and with many thousands of Chinese tourists, life continues as usual, with very few reported cases or deaths. One might be inclined to wonder whether the Japanese people possess some sort of special natural immunity, until we find a similar situation in Uruguay where, just as in Sweden, there have been no lockdowns or quarantines, yet again, very few supposed COVID deaths - while neighboring Argentina inexplicably remains under very harsh and strict lockdown conditions.

But every single loss of life from this virus is tragic, therefore, pushing 150-500 million people into starvation worldwide, and turning many countries into brutally oppressive Police States which shut down businesses (destroying people's livelihoods along with the global economy), force innocent people from their homes, traumatize children, and beat and jail selfish, irresponsible, and disruptive dissenters - who actually have the audacity to dare to speak out against tyranny and in defense of human freedom - is a necessary price to pay to combat a virus which kills but a fraction of one percent of the global population and which has a 99.9% recovery rate. Experts have pointed out that this seasonal virus could easily be defeated by forever abolishing untraceable cash money, all small, independent farms and businesses, families, individual privacy and liberty, and nearly every natural human right. 

The possibility that we all may have been infected by now, though asymptomatic, means that anyone could potentially pose a danger - whether testing negative or positive - and that our natural antibodies may or may not provide immunity - depending on geographic location and the level of corruption of government officials and media in any given area.
Therefore, most public health officials agree that only a comprehensive, government-funded and globally-mandated contact tracing and involuntary detainment and isolation program, along with an untested, experimental, DNA-altering, nanotech vaccine can possibly save humanity by force-vaccinating billions of people against their will every single year, for a constantly mutating virus, the particular strain of which has long since passed.
Remember, we are all in this together, so please be responsible and take care not to spread dangerous misinformation which challenges or disputes the official narrative, disrupts the New World Order plans to enslave humanity, promotes human freedom and other such nonsense, or threatens the power which our tyrannical oppressors currently enjoy.
After all, dissemination of any information is best left to the trusted official experts such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the WHO, CDC, the Rockefeller Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the professionals over at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other very reliable corporate media outlets and their seasoned, highly-trained journalists around the world, whom we can be assured are working tirelessly to keep us all safe from this very grave threat to humanity.