Warfare, American Style
By Deanna Spingola
14 May 2005

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There are basically two kinds of warfare: offensive and defensive. Offensive warfare is when a group of individuals, large or small, determine that they are going to kill another group of people. The motivation behind offensive warfare is as ancient as the Old Testament story of Cain and Abel. The devil, Lucifer, had already inspired Cain’s unrighteous feelings of jealousy; he put it into the heart of Cain that he could acquire Abel’s property merely by killing him. This is the first recorded murder in scripture. Just as with Cain, so it is with others who conspire to acquire. Offensive warfare is driven by the unrighteous desire for property or territory along with the resources that the territory produces. The way to obtain the desired benefits is to kill or enslave the people who live on the property and own the resources. Enslavement of the population rather than obliterating them can also benefit the aggressor. An enslaved population, considered human resources by some, can be manipulated and controlled by the "Cain like" creators of the conflict.

Defensive warfare is when a group of individuals, large or small, defend themselves and their property against the unrighteous assault of another group. This honorable defense necessitates valor, wise preparation and commitment to principle. Defensive measures require armaments. It is impossible to defend your life or your property against the encroachments of others if you do not possess weapons. We can be certain that greed, jealousy and hate will continue to rage in the hearts of conspiring men who harbor the unlawful desire for another’s property. Defensive action, whether great or on a limited scale, is legitimate, correct and will always be essential for the perpetuation of freedom for a family or nation.

The United States government, a Republic and not a democracy, has an obligation and must be prepared to defend its citizens against the authentic encroachments of other nations or peoples. Because it is the authorized law of the land, the Constitution, with its checks and balances, demands it. However, a defensive response to aggression must be initiated by a Declaration of War by the United States Congress. This wise, official requirement would prevent the possibility of lethal powers being used by a privileged few who may have a covert, unlawful agenda.

An adequate defense budget should be used for the sole purpose of being prepared for a genuine attack by a well defined enemy. Our military should be sufficiently equipped to fight against the military strength of any aggressive nation. A defensive response should never be waged against the innocent citizens of the attacking country. This ought to be apparent since tyrannical rulers frequently wage war unbeknownst to those citizens. Currently, privileged heads of state never actually go into battle but always utilize available human resources to wage war. This is done by recruitment, draft, and immoral corporeal force. Recruitment success is often achieved by manipulating people who have noble ideals of freedom and a desire to serve their country. Fighting for the freedom of one’s country is a courageous, gallant activity that requires sacrifice and commitment. When a country is genuinely under attack then fighting for that country is the greatest service that one can perform for the benefit of fellow citizens.

Combatants use a combination of tactics and equipment in warfare. Equipment includes knives, guns, bombs, chemicals, depleted uranium, missiles and any other implement that man can construct to kill, maim or sicken another human being. The debilitating, long lasting results of many of these instruments of death are often more inhumane and immoral than outright death. Lost limbs, blindness, radiation induced cancers, lengthy nauseating illnesses that affect future generations are often the results of the inventions that men produce to use against fellow humans.

Tactics include dropping bombs on enemy military supply depots or other well defined military targets, shooting a missile into an enemy military plane, engaging in hand to hand combat, opposing lines of warriors shooting at each other, individuals with explosives attached to their bodies, explosives strategically positioned in a vehicle or building, airplane combat or kamikaze style attacks. There are undoubtedly more tactics. For the best affect and to render the most damage, enemy attacks typically include an element of surprise. Surprise incapacitates the attacked and instills helpless vulnerability and fear. Terrorism is another name for violence and hostility. Terrorism promotes intimidation. Terrorism is a tactic used in warfare.

Terrorism is not the identity of our adversary but a tactic that our enemies use to disable and frighten us. The principal question is: Who, not what, is the tangible enemy?

In 1921, after World War One, the nefarious Council on Foreign Relations was created by influential men whose sole purpose was to subtly and ultimately lead the strongest most powerful nation, the United States, into a one world government. In order to accomplish this treacherous goal they had to be in a position to shape public opinion and change the structure of government by placing likeminded individuals in powerful leadership positions. They had to reshape political attitudes which they were able to do by 1939 when two members of this covert society offered their specialized services to the State Department in molding its policies regarding future warfare.

While campaigning in 1940, Franklin D. Roosevelt, like Woodrow Wilson, promised the American people that he would not send their sons to fight in foreign wars. This was especially important after the losses of the previous war. So there had to be a significant enemy confrontation in order to muster the troops and change public sentiment. The event that changed everything was Pearl Harbor. With complicit internationalist (CFR) influence, Roosevelt and his fellow Insiders provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 which resulted in the death of about 2500 American servicemen.(1) Pearl Harbor was a military base. However, many of the ships were previously put out to sea and escaped the "surprise" attack. Roosevelt knew about and permitted the "day that would live in infamy" and was also assured that Germany would declare war on us. This was partly because of the backdoor assistance that he gave to England, already at war with Germany, by sending 80,000 troops to aid the English in Iceland. (2)

Roosevelt died in April 1945 in the company of his mistress. By then the war was already won without the use of atomic weapons. When Harry Truman, Roosevelt’s successor, targeted the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki he and his CFR influenced military leaders undoubtedly recognized that these two cities were not strategic Japanese military locations but were inhabited by civilian populations. The American rewriting of history does not diminish the catastrophic loss of Japanese civilian lives and the resulting after effects on the health of those who actually survived the assault. Apparently, this bombing and the resulting collateral deaths would set a precedence that would be followed in future wars.

Long before World War Two, members of The Council on Foreign Relations assisted in crafting the charter for the United Nations, the vehicle of one world government, which was ratified by the Senate on 28 July 1945. Alger Hiss, an acknowledged Communist was a chief architect of this charter. If the Senate had any reservations about this ratification, they were resolved by the utter power and destruction of the atom bomb which was unleashed on thousands of Japanese civilians on the fifth and ninth of August 1945. (3) The war with Japan and Germany resulted in a demoralizing fear in the general public of the United States. Immediately following the war, Stalin acquired possession of atomic weapons which provided further justification for the U. S. to join the United Nations. The cold war was launched along with global terror. We rejected the internationalist’s invitation to join the League of Nations after World War One. But because of abject fear we accepted what was previously unacceptable. This disastrous decision would ultimately result in loss of sovereignty and power.

The Japanese bombing by America, in spite of government controlled media, was absolutely not essential to the termination of the devastating war. Japan repeatedly offered a "white flag" policy for peace to President Roosevelt through General MacArthur starting in January of 1945. (4) Roosevelt disregarded that peace proposal. If that offer of peace had been accepted it would have immediately ended the war, saving thousands of American and Japanese lives between January 1945 and the official end of the war on 15 Aug 1945. There would have been no Iwo Jima or Okinawa, where thousands were killed and wounded. Ironically, for years the American public has been brainwashed into believing that dropping the bombs saved thousands of American lives.

Between two and three thousand men died in the "surprise attack" on Pearl Harbor. Did our leaders view these deaths as merely the temporary loss of human resources until others filled the positions? Many, many thousands of brave Americans died unnecessarily in World War Two. Since that war America has been embroiled in almost constant warfare – none of which really appears to be defensive. These devised "no win" wars have repeatedly divided our nation, stretched our resources, raised our taxes, redistributed our resources abroad in reconstruction projects, debilitated our military and given more and more power to the United Nations. Eventually, the nations we supposedly attempted to keep out of communist hands were relinquished to the communists.

Under the jurisdiction of the United Nations we fought in South Korea, South Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our troops have been involved in combat operations in Pakistan and in so called anti-terrorist "training" missions in the Philippines, Yemen, and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. There most assuredly have been other places where our troops have put their lives on the line. Thousands have sacrificed their lives; thousands have been maimed and wounded; and many, many were missing in action, captured by the enemy and left behind – forgotten by the very government they sacrificed for.

"Previously, Bill Clinton relied on the United Nations for authorization to send American forces into several of the world’s hot spots. He skirted the Constitution whenever it got in the way, and he saddled the nation with economic pacts designed to compromise sovereignty. George W. Bush has done likewise." (5) They both have treated China and other tyrannical governments as friends – selling arms building components while according them credible nation status in spite of their human rights violations and weapons build up. This appears to be treasonous behavior.

Apparently both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush forgot that it was China that supplied weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan and to al-Qaeda as well as to Korea and Iran. (6) As Bush was entertaining the tyrannical Chinese leader at his Texas ranch he must have also forgotten about China’s nuclear weapons, forced abortions, infanticide, euthanasia and China’s well known record of brutality and murder of her own citizens as well as her neighbors.

A nation that views the life of its citizens as expendable is in a state of absolute utter wickedness. Three thousand civilians lost their lives in the "surprise" attacks on 9/11, another day that will "live in infamy". It is interesting that the nineteen "Pearl Harbor kamikaze style" perpetrators were immediately identified after the 9/11 "surprise" attack but were totally unheard of prior to the attack. Bush quickly garnered United States support for the U.N. authorized war against Iraq. Yes, it was U.N. authorized in spite of Bush’s claims otherwise. Bush had desired to attack Iraq months prior to 9/11 but this event certainly provided justification for an attack because they just might have weapons of mass destruction and they just might have some connection to the nineteen attackers. It may possibly be the continuing saga of desert storm, part two, Bush two.

It was very opportune, after not finding weapons of mass destruction, to loudly elaborate Saddam Hussein’s human rights violations after conveniently capturing him. Because of the general goodness of the American public, the government controlled media could easily elicit American sympathy for the plight of the Iraqi’s under Saddam. It is interesting that the United States Government previously issued harsh sanctions against those same Iraqi citizens causing untold hardships and death. If they were so concerned about their welfare, why did they jeopardize their women and children with sanctions designed to cause mortal harm?

The current rationalization for the war in Iraq appears to be the forceful spread of democracy. Is this going to become an acceptable practice for U. S. offensive warfare? Whatever the claims of the administration, the war is illegal and immoral and undeclared by congress. What arbitrary circumstances and unknown requisites does it take to become an enemy of the U.N. and the United States which require regime change? So China, Korea, Cuba and numerous other countries that actually possess weapons of mass destruction and brutalize their citizens are allies while Iraq needs to be bombed into democracy.

As insidious as our leaders behavior has become, there must be accountability by others who share responsibility. So-called conservative talk radio show hosts laud the war in Iraq as if the "spread of democracy" were an alternative phrase for freedom. The greatest form of government is a Republic, our form of government, in spite of the decades long brainwashing that we are a democracy. Most radio talk show hosts act as shills for our out of control administration. Yet, the radio hosts rarely mention the illegal immigration invasion on our southern border. When it is mentioned, Bush is never part of the problem. Criticism of George W. Bush is almost non existent. Surely our own borders deserve government attention more than the borders of a country thousands of miles away? Any criticism of the war by a listener/caller to the many shows immediately brings condemnation and accusations of being unpatriotic. The general public in both parties applaud the war, in spite of its illegality and trumped up justification.

Bush claims to be a Christian and a conservative yet he has more than outspent the democrats with huge government programs designed to further strip us of our God given freedoms. More freedom destroying bills have passed through congress under George W. Bush than under the notoriously liberal Bill Clinton. Bush promotes trade agreements such as CAFTA and FTAA which, if passed, will further diminish the American middle class, the very backbone of our country. Instead of hobnobbing and actively pursuing the influence of the leaders of the six nations involved in CAFTA he should be upholding his constitutional oath to the citizens of this country.

American conservatives have been manipulated. George W. Bush knows the appropriate phrases and uses them with the right people. Conservative citizens should wake up from their apathetic slumber, recall the lessons of the past and start leaving the Republican Party in droves. We should all demand accountability from the members of congress who lack the courage to stand up to the dangerous, treacherous acts of the president and his cohorts. Voters should not embrace the Republican Party as long as the Republican Party supports a socialistic agenda. Every citizen should educate themselves and evaluate exactly what is going on in their country instead of being mesmerized by stories of runaway brides, husbands murdering their wives, distracting political ploys and TV reality shows. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution should be studied. Sovereignty should be restored and our military returned to the original purpose of defending our country. We must be Americans first regardless of political affiliation. It takes bravery to go against the swift tide of massive deception, especially when faced with apathetic friends and family who question one’s loyalties.

The Iraqi war is illegal and immoral. The brave, young Americans who have spilled their blood in the desert of Iraq did not die defending their country. They died to further a diabolical political agenda. They innocently believed the "democratic" propaganda and willingly gave their lives to what they thought was a great and noble cause: to improve the existence of foreign strangers. They merit our respect for their good hearted intentions. However, they also deserve a healthy portion of our pity for they, because of their naïveté, have been manipulated. They served with honest and honorable hearts just like the thousands of individuals who have served in previous devised battles. But certainly, their blood and the blood of thousands are a permanent stain on this land and its leaders who squander our nation’s greatest resource, her people, in wars designed, not to strengthen or defend us, but to weaken us. Our leaders are pushing this great country into impoverishment and slavery within the United Nations. The United Nations, the real axis of evil, and those who promote its malevolent existence and growth are the authentic and very sinister enemies.

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