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“Megyn Kelly discussed Tracy's remarks on Kelly's Court today with Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl and defense attorney Mark Eiglarsh. At issue is whether Tracy can be fired for these statements, even if they're on a personal blog. Eiglarsh said it would simply be unconstitutional for the university to fire Tracy, because the statements are protected under the First Amendment and were posted on a personal website. Wiehl argued that the school could make the case that Tracy is displaying "gross incompetence" by writing things that are blatantly false. Watch the debate: FL Professor James Tracy Suggests Sandy Hook Shooting Was a Hoax; Could He Be Fired?’”


“James Tracy, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, suggested on his blog that the December 14 attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax. This has led to calls for his firing, though the school has said he has a right to express his views on his personal blog. Tracy said his remarks have been oversimplified by the media since they became public. "I said I think that there may very well be elements of that event that are synthetic to some degree, that are somewhat contrived. I think overall that the media really did drop the ball. I don't think that they got to the bottom of some of the things that may have taken place there," he said. When asked whether he believes that 20 children were killed that day, he says ‘most likely that took place.’”




Anderson Cooper

As much as I searched, I did not find Sofia Smallstorm ever appearing on Anderson Cooper’s program. Yet, at 12:10 into Peter Klein's Redux of a Sofia Smallstorm Presentation, one may find this image. Klein of the Tyranny News Network published his video on December 15, 2013, a few weeks after the release of the CSP official reports. Klein, associated with the group of people who produced We Need to talk about Sandy Hook, perhaps using creative license, suggests that Smallstorm was on Cooper's program. On another interview, on Red Ice Radio, Smallstorm said that Anderson Cooper was a Vanderbilt while Dr. James Tracy stated that Cooper once worked for the CIA. Both Smallstorm and Tracy are absolutely correct in their statements regarding Cooper.


Wolfgang W. Halbig

First a definition - a key opinion leader (KOL) is someone that has a lot of followers. Wolfgang Halbig, who became a Sandy Hook hoax KOL, seemed to gain a lot of credibility after Dave Gahary of the American Free Press interviewed him for a podcast on February 4, 2014 (uploaded to the Internet on February 11, 2014). That program, School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook, evidently went viral throughout the Internet assisted by the fact that Halbig began appearing on numerous alternative radio programs. According to Halbig in another radio program, Dr. James Fetzer, also a leading KOL, is the person who initially discovered this “school safety expert.” Though Halbig seemed sincere, there was something questionable about his story. Perhaps the AFP was simply extending Halbig sufficient rope to hang himself? However, many of the listeners believed Halbig’s claims. He continued to claim that the local authorities visited him to tell him to stop asking questions suggesting that he must surely be over the target and needed to be silenced. Yet, when he, on another radio program, had the opportunity to provide evidence of a second visit by the authorities failed to do that. He could have simply placed his phone on speaker so that all the listeners could hear the alleged harassment. Instead, he told the radio host that he had to hang up.

Keith Johnson, as reported here towards the end of the program, called and talked to one of those local officials who explained that Halbig was harassing people in Connecticut with his repeated unwanted emails and phone calls. One may easily find some of the obnoxious, accusatory letters that Halbig wrote to those authorities. Really, who the heck does Halbig think he is - he appears to be a legend in his own mind. The Memory Hole Blog reported, “On July 27, 2015 Wolfgang Halbig received notification via email that PayPal was closing his account associated with the Sandy Hook Justice website, the donations of which are used in an ongoing investigation of the curious Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.” GoFundMe had also terminated his account in October 2014. Now his many loyal followers will have to send him a check or figure out some other way to show their financial support.

As if things could not get any worse for poor Mr. Halbig, he recently lost a lengthy law suit in the California Superior Court. Halbig, for attempting to violate his free speech, must pay $23,000 to CW Wade who reported, "The court  awarded a court's judgment in favor of this blog for just under $23,000 to compensate for damages and costs related to Halbig's attempt to abuse our Constitutionally protected free speech! Halbig must (obviously) pay his own attorney fees. Today's loss, including fees to Halbig's own attorneys in California and Florida, is estimated to be around $30,000!" Given the fact that Halbig also has an attorney in Connecticut (Kay Wilson) and apparently in California and in Florida, he is going to really need his fans to send donations. However, he recently won a "slip and fall" law suit in Florida which might help him to cover some of his other lawyer fees. On April 4, 2015, Dr. James Tracy reported that Kay Wilson quit the case as she "feared for her life." While that probably produced a modicum of credibility, within a day, Wilson, despite "some misgivings," proceeded with the case. Halbig probably needs an assistant just to manage his law suits, especially since he has lost his memory due to his slip and fall accident. That is according to a legal deposition as reported by Keith Johnson in his latest video, Things About Wolfgang Halbig That Make You Go Hmmm.

Wade said, "Wolfgang Halbig raised tens of thousands of donor dollars promising to sue various government entities related to the Sandy Hook tragedy; however, when the time came to produce something substantive, Halbig's ego took control he filed suit against small blogs that 'dared' to discuss him in a less than favorable light; he sued bloggers for their blog posts and for parody photos.  He sued bloggers that hurt his feelings.  His lawsuit in fact claims 'hurt feelings' in pleading." Wade is one of the individuals that has debunked most of Halbig's allegations. Is that the real reason Halbig went after Wade - revenge? 

As mentioned, researchers have debunked most of Halbig's claims. Halbig, in his quest for truth, justice and the American way, has seriously tainted the credibility of the "alternative" media. Given his very high visibility, he has for many, become the face of the so-called Sandy Hook hoax. He might have amassed as much as $100,000 in donations according to some people. When truth seekers invest money into their "hero" they are not likely to abandon that person or his allegations. Are people going to consider Halbig with his many inconsistencies, questionable objectives, and values as typical and characteristic of the entire alternative media? If government officials, per Cass Sunstein's suggestion, wanted to infiltrate the "alternative" media in order to discredit it, they could not have selected a more "qualified" individual than Wolfgang W. Halbig. How fortunate that Dr. James Fetzer was the first person to discover Halbig. Reportedly, the two gentlemen recently experienced irreconcilable differences and have distanced themselves from each other. Hey, way to go Dr. Fetzer! Reportedly, it concerned William Brandon Shanley who filed a trillion dollar law suit in Connecticut claiming, "After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism." Why that would be a problem, apparently for Halbig, is strange in as much as he and Shanley both make similar claims.