September 10, 1986


U. S. Senator Robert Kasten

517 East Wisconsin Avenue

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233


Dear Senator Kasten:


This letter and the enclosed material will introduce you to "TS" "TS" is short for Traffic Speed Surveillance System.


"TS" is a recently patented invention whose sole purpose is to drastically reduce an intolerable problem that has grown to such monumental proportions that it has in fact become a national disgrace.


"TS" is also an invention that has the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenues while at the same time reducing economic losses by billions of dollars on an annual basis. How- ever, "TS" is not simply an idea with a potential for generating income and reducing losses. The need for its implementation transcends profits, however necessary they may be.


Because of your position on the Senate's Transportation Sub Committee, I know you are very well versed on the fact that we are confronted by a continuing daily tragedy that has existed in the civilized world since the invention of the automobile. Each and every day, just in the United States alone, we slaughter approximately 120 of our fellow human beings and maim and mutilate another 6,000. This senseless sacrifice happens EVERY DAY! The daily economic impact exceeds $110,000,000 (one hundred and ten million dollars), but this dangerous drain of assets is secondary to the inestimable toll of human suffering.


One can only wonder what the uproar of the public would be and how Congress would react if these figures were the result of airplane crashes, nuclear accidents or even no-win wars such as Vietnam. In fact, speaking of wars, statistics show that the United States has suffered casualties of approximately 700,000(seven hundred thousand) in all the wars it  has been in since becoming a nation in 1776. Since 1940 alone we have indiscriminately slaughtered over 2,000,000 (two million) with motor vehicles on our nations streets and highways. Nevertheless, we need our motor vehicles because the very nature of our society dictates high mobility. So we complain a lot, make a futile attempt now and then to resolve the problem and ultimately tolerate it while we continue to play roulette on wheels, hoping our number will never come up.


Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in the last half century by local, state and federal enforcement agencies in a futile attempt to reverse this national problem.


Despite all of the effort and resources expended it has now become obvious, and the facts are echoed by every law enforcement agency in the land, that present day technologies and law enforcement techniques will never get the job done, EVER!


If we could put a cop in every vehicle, everybody's driving habits would change drastically, and then, overnight, a miracle would occur on our streets and highways. “TS" is THAT "electronic 'cop".


Its installation in every vehicle would have a drastic effect on everyone's driving habits and the necessary miracle will happen automatically, efficiently and effectively.


Perhaps if George Orwell's famous novel had never been written the stigma associated with an all encompassing surveillance system would not exist and the problem would already be under control. Because of the (Big Brother Syndrome) certain safeguards have been designed into the 'ITS" system to prevent indiscriminate surveillance. Only those who break the law will be monitored and I believe that you will agree, no one has the right to break the law, speeding or otherwise. Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a constitutional right.


We already have many constraints and regulations legislated by various government bodies and enforced by numerous enforcement agencies. "TS" would be nothing more than applying today’s technology as a long overdue solution to a very serious problem, rather than trying to live with it. We must ask ourselves which is worse, getting a speeding ticket or getting killed???


Recently a lot of attention has been given to the problem of the DRUNK DRIVER. It has been determined that fully half of all of the fatalities that occur from the misuse of a motor vehicle are caused by DRUNK DRIVERS. That so called fact is categorically NOT TRUE! Only a small percentage of these fatalities are caused by the DRUNK "ONLY" DRIVER. The majority of the drunk related fatalities are caused by the "RECKLESS SPEEDING DRUNK DRIVER" and that is the one that "TS" will put a stop to.


"TS" will do much more than monitor speeders, please read enclosures in the red folder, WHAT IS “TS”? WHAT WILL “TS” DO?


The Department of Transportation has just recently made a historic decision to move in this direction. With a nationwide information network such as has been proposed, a National Traffic Surveillance System is now visible on the horizon.


Though it is still in an embryonic stage of development, it will only be a few short years before the hardware, visa vie the D.O.T. system combined with a nationwide cellular phone system is in place that will make a system like "TS" a viable alternative to the accumulated failures of the past.


"TS" would have to be a mandatory system. Therefore it would be necessary that it would come under control of Congress and the Department of Transportation.


Because of the Department of Transportations apparent commitment to this type of program, I feel that it is imperative that "TS" be brought to their attention as soon as possible.


My concern with this national problem is as strong as my commitment to those who share my concern. It is my fondest desire that you will endorse "TS" and perhaps even become involved yourself by helping to legislate “TS” into existence so that the design, development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of this National Traffic Surveillance System can become a reality.


I sincerely believe that your support of "TS" would be greatly appreciated by countless individuals and organizations who are deeply concerned with this problem.


We kill approximately 45,000 people and injure over 2,000,000 while sustaining an economic loss in excess of 40 billion dollars on an annual basis in the United States alone.


These figures are HORRIFYING and they continue to mount day, after day, after day! This tragedy in human suffering and this disgraceful waste of our most valuable resource, human lives, has got to stop.


In the time it took you read this letter, a man, perhaps a woman or even a child was killed by a motor vehicle somewhere in the United States and twenty more were injured and mutilated. War isn't the only thing that’s bell and gives license to kill.


Thank you for reading this letter and I urge you to seriously consider "TS" as the obvious solution whose time has come. This carnage must stop and bold new concepts such as "TS" must be tried because the old concepts don’t work.




George T. Horvat

Address deleted by Deanna