Building a North American Community, the Selling of America
by Deanna Spingola
14 July 2005

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 While our sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers are spilling their blood in the sands of Iraq under the guise of restoring the country to the Iraqi citizens, our president is in the process of giving our country to the elite One World Order insiders. While our president requires protected borders in Iraq, he is obliterating, not only our southern, but our northern borders.

The leaders of three countries met at Baylor University in Waco, Texas on 23 March 2005. This meeting included George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. There were no security cameras or media coverage on this event, so-called conservative or liberal. These three “wanna be” dictators established the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America”.

See the announcement of the results of this “three amigos” meeting. So, who notified the Council for their expert socialistic input. Some of our senators have also jumped on the “Give America Away” bandwagon by writing surreptitious supportive bills. It appears that the only people left out of the loop are the American people.

On 17 May 2005 the Council on Foreign Relations created an Independent Task Force to study the three country pact. This 31 member task force was chaired by: John F. Manley, Pedro Aspe, and William F. Weld and vice chaired by: Robert A. Pastor, Thomas P. d'Aquino, Andrés Rozental. These efforts were sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales.

A CFR press release was issued the same day, 17 May 2005, which indicates they actually started working on this freedom stealing project much earlier. The results of their meeting as follows:

The task force maintains that North America is vulnerable in several areas including “terrorist and criminal security threats, increased economic competition from abroad, and uneven economic development at home.” In consideration of these concerns, the task force developed the following “roadmap” to fix the challenges that face the three countries on this continent.

The CFR proposes to implement an even more “ambitious” plan for the “new community” than the covert pact agreed on by the “three amigos”. Their target date is 2010. Their recommendations include:

Co-chair Pedro C. Aspe, former Finance Minister of Mexico, said, "We need a vision for North America to address the new challenges." This vision actually refers to the nightmare of the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). What NAFTA didn’t do to destroy the America middle class the FTAA will surely complete. Bush has been avidly promoting CAFTA, the stepping stone to FTAA.  It is completely in the worst possible interests of the American people. It will be devastating to the American economy!

CFR: "We are asking the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to be bold and adopt a vision of the future that is bigger than, and beyond, the immediate problems of the present," said co-chair John P. Manley, Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. "They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo."

This basically means that Americans must give up their freedoms and hard won sovereignty along with all resources for the greater good of the “New Community”. It is a socialistic equalization designed to make slaves of everyone in all three countries. This will occur as a result of the secret, subversive activities of our ruling elitist who have never sacrificed anything except their integrity. When it comes time to sell this socialistic venture, Bush will adopt his multipurpose “Christian” stance and use every possible guilt maneuver to encourage this good hearted Christian country to open our hearts to the less fortunate. This is a ploy to make all of us less fortunate. There will be many who will fall for this scam under the pretext of Christianity. If we think Christians are media maligned now, just wait! We will be the most hated inmates in the camp!

All of this is done under the facade of protecting us – from terrorists? The worse terrorists we face are those who serve in our government. Another day that shall live in infamy, 9/11, has done much to serve the purposes of those whose main goal is to establish the One World Order. What an opportunistic event! It couldn’t have worked any better if they had planned it!

For this coming political transition for America, Canada and Mexico, the CFR Task Force suggests the following specific measures:

Make North America safer: (from their web site)

  • Establish a common security perimeter by 2010.
  • Develop a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
  • Develop a unified border action plan and expand border customs facilities.

Create a single economic space:

  • Adopt a common external tariff.
  • Allow for the seamless movement of goods within North America.
  • Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the U.S.
  • Develop a North American energy strategy that gives greater emphasis to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases - a regional alternative to Kyoto.
  • Review those sectors of NAFTA that were excluded.
  • Develop and implement a North American regulatory plan that would include "open skies and open roads" and a unified approach for protecting consumers on food, health, and the environment.
  • Expand temporary worker programs and create a "North American preference" for immigration for citizens of North America.

Spread benefits more evenly:

  • Establish a North American Investment Fund to build infrastructure to connect Mexico's poorer regions in the south to the market to the north.
  • Restructure and reform Mexico's public finances.
  • Fully develop Mexican energy resources to make greater use of international technology and capital.

Institutionalize the partnership:

  • Establish a permanent tribunal for trade and investment disputes.
  • Convene an annual North American summit meeting.
  • Establish a Tri-national Competition Commission to develop a common approach to trade remedies.
  • Expand scholarships to study in the three countries and develop a network of Centers for North American Studies. [1]

Co-chair William F. Weld, former Governor of Massachusetts and U.S. Assistant Attorney General, said, "We are three liberal democracies; we are adjacent; we are already intertwined economically; we have a great deal in common historically; culturally, we have a lot to learn from one another."

First of all Comrade Weld, we are not a democracy and we have never been a democracy in spite of all the brainwashing from the media and from the politicians who are elected to represent the people of this REPUBLIC!!!! Perhaps if the Pledge of Allegiance were recited more by the citizens they would remember or recognize that we pledge allegiance to the REPUBLIC!! This brings up another matter – our allegiance. This unelected task force has no business trashing the allegiance of this nation! The president who swore to uphold the constitution of the United States has no business trashing the constitution or sneakily switching our allegiance to a newly created entity for facilitated population control.

Furthermore, if we wish to learn something about our neighbors to the north or south we can read about them in a textbook or history book, providing they have not already been changed to reflect the new borders.

Apparently the big bucks businessmen, prominent former officials and academic experts from the three nations devised this devilish plan for the rest of us and have agreed that their ideas are for our own good.

The task force members came from: See the list here.
Council on Foreign Relations in New York (1921)
Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI)
Canadian Council of Chief Executives (1976)

With regard to this nefarious CFR May meeting, member Dr. Robert A Pastor Vice President, International Affairs Professor/Director, Center for North American Studies American University was invited to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Peace Corps and Narcotics Affairs on 9 June 2005.

Dr. Pastor was asked to speak about the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative as it pertained to America and our border issues. What he gave them was the results of the Independent Task Force meeting of 17 May 2005 which basically addresses the Future of North America.

Dr. Pastor was to address the committee on the required passport for all citizens to travel among the three countries. The purpose of which is to secure the homeland (shades of Nazi Germany). Pastor accused the three country leaders of skepticism and small minded thinking. He stated: We should not be concentrating on U.S. interests. We should not be worrying about the borders of Mexico and Canada but think about the broader context of the continent. The best approach is to integrate economically and socially as quickly as we can especially as we draw near “the fourth anniversary of 9/11”- always that terror reminder to instill fear in the masses.

He declared that the three governments had failed to understand the importance of this giant transformation. Continuing, he said we have limited vision about the threat of terrorists. He believes that we continue to view problems one issue at a time instead of taking giant steps to forge a great “North American Community” based on the premise that each nation can benefit from their neighbor’s success but are diminished by their problems.

Pastor, with a decided egotistical mentality, suggests that our security and prosperity depend on our forging a new relationship with our neighbors. As a result of his vast studies he created the Center for North American Studies at American University.

This CFR member applauded the results of NAFTA and cited the benefits in terms of exports and imports. Does this mean the export of our jobs and the importation of items that were once manufactured in our country, the livelihood of our middle class? 

Pastor was thrilled with the travel and immigration among the three countries. He was particularly impressed with the fact that our two neighbors export more energy to us than any other country. He used these facts to promote an integrated region. He stated that NAFTA had succeeded in what it was intended to do: “barriers were eliminated and trade and investment soared.” Great, we are dependent for energy – who put us there – the environmentalists like Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev?

But, he said, NAFTA did not go far enough. It failed to address the problem of undocumented workers (they are illegal aliens, Comrade Pastor). Illegals jumped from 3 million (1990’s) to 11 million (55 percent or 6 million came from Mexico).

He claimed that NAFTA failed to address security and as a result “the long-term effects of September 11 threaten to cripple North American integration.”

Pastor testified that NAFTA has failed to create a partnership because “North American governments had not changed the way they deal with one another.”

The United States apparently continues to govern and “irritate”. Apparently, he finds our constitutionally established government with checks and balances (when used) annoying! The Constitution is the one document, if our citizens will study it, which protects our freedoms against the likes of this one world proponent. However, he continued, the addition of a third governing party, a fifteen member North America Advisory Council would settle disputes and increase the chance that the new “North American” regulations would work and resolve any problems. This advisory council would consist of fifteen “distinguished individuals”, five from each nation.

According to the CFR the integration of North America is the agenda for the next decade. He said that the meeting on 23 March 2005 was not the first trinational meeting for President George Bush, President Vicente Fox, and Prime Minister Paul Martin but the “others had been little more than photo opportunities.”

This March meeting apparently was the most productive and the “three amigos” could then return to their respective countries and start implementation with the anticipation of a 90 day success report.

Pastor stated that our governments are not organized to address particular issues on a trilateral basis. One difficulty is the development gap between Mexico and the United States, especially in terms of education, energy and transportation. No previous policies have been put into play to handle this obvious inequality. So, says the socialist, a plan must be created to equalize the North American economic community and extend benefits to the “most vulnerable social groups in our countries.” America! Open your wallets!

Pastor’s prescription for the immigration problems of the United States is: the way to reduce illegal immigration is to make Mexico’s economy grow faster than that of the U.S. The Council on Foreign Relations Task Force Report spells out such a vision.

This necessitates the redistribution of the taxpayer resources of the United States.

It would be up to the three leaders to evaluate the best way to facilitate the economic integration, introduce continental issues, labor standards and evaluate environmental concerns. The United States Congress and the Canadian and the Mexican counterparts would merge into a single “North American Parliamentary Group”. Another group would be a “Permanent Tribunal on Trade and Investment”

Pastor noted that Washington is poorly organized to address North American issues. Again, that disgust for the Constitution! The government would have to be totally reorganized with President Bush appointing a cabinet level White House advisor. The highest priority is to reduce the economic divide between Mexico and the rest of NAFTA. It just isn’t fair for one nation to earn one sixth as much as its neighbors to the south. Mexico’s “underdevelopment” is “a threat to its stability, to its neighbors and to the future of integration.”

Comrade Pastor declared that Europe has shown that the economic gap can be narrowed in a short period of time with appropriate policies and aid.

The Council Task Force made suggested reforms for Mexico combined with a North American Investment Fund. This was also supported by Texas Senator John Cornyn who wrote a bill for it. Folks, do you really know what your senators are doing? Pastor suggested that the Committee on Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee as well as congress should aggressively support this proposal.

While the masses work day to day for diminishing wages in fast disappearing jobs or live on pensions that have not yet been embezzled or social security, the elected elites are yet to make many sacrifices such as accepting a more modest paycheck, rejecting lobbyist perks, converting to the same social security system that the rest use, sending their own family members off to war. It appears that the only sacrifice that many make after their election is their honor.

Pastor made the following educational recommendations based on the EU’s experience: Establish Centers for North American Studies in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for people in all three countries. Everyone should think of themselves as North Americans. Forget America, Canada and Mexico! Be a North American!

The Travel Initiative: Ideas should be designed to allow for the legitimate flow of people but stop smugglers and terrorists. The three governments need to establish a North American customs union with a common tariff (CET). This would automatically deny non-NAFTA products. The government would have complete control over every aspect of our lives – how we travel, what we study, what we may purchase and from whom. Supposedly the customs laws (Your papers, please) would address terrorism without having to inspect goods – since only the right goods would be allowed. Tell me Comrade: Would this end the drugs coming in from Mexico?

Another recommendation is the “North American Customs and Immigration Force” which would have better intelligence and have exclusion lists – people who are not allowed to travel. This would no doubt apply to all travel within each country.

The Department of Homeland Security should expand and include Mexico and Canada in its effort to provide security. They would incorporate Canadian and Mexican personnel. The astute among us recognized there was another reason for the Department of Homeland Security and it has nothing whatsoever to do with our security.

He continued: The North American Council should integrate transportation regulations and design new North American highways and high speed rail corridors. National standards for weight, safety and other issues will have to be negotiated for one set of standards.

The three governments should work to develop a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers for expedited passes. This would also apply to airport security.

Passage of the Real ID Act indicates that people realize that some form of national identification is necessary. These would be an alternative to the Western Hemisphere Initiative. Pastor insisted that we need to ease travel among the three nations while we work on a continental security perimeter. He suggested a biometric Border Pass to improve border transit - or possibly any other transit?

A Canadian company, Ekos, took a poll in October 2003 to determine the acceptability of a North American economic union. This company determined, according to Comrade Pastor, that a majority of the people polled believe that an economic union should be established in the next ten years. Allegedly, the people polled were in favor of integrated polices on environment, transportation, energy, defense and banking. All poll results are based on the way questions are asked focused on the predetermined desired results. Polls influence and shape public perceptions.

It is Pastor’s hope that the North American leaders would pursue the North American agenda beyond just the travel initiative. He stated that all three leaders promised to publish a report indicating what steps they had taken since their 23 March 2005 meeting. These are to be reviewed with Indiana Senator Richard Lugar’s bill for a “North American Cooperative Security Act” which sounds benign but obviously has far reaching reprehensible goals. Pastor’s last words to the committee were: “Our security and prosperity depend on it.” - meaning the implementation of this integration of the three nations into a European Union type region meant to facilitate absolute control over each of our lives. Well, thank you, Comrade Pastor! Without your astute observations and the advice of the contemptible Council on Foreign Relations we might just be able to mobilize our efforts and actually rescue our country from all of its resident traitors.

On 26 June 2005 the president received the 90 day report from Secretaries Rice, Gutierrez and Chertoff concerning the implementation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Apparently after the March meeting the “three amigos” could collaborate with their comrades back home to determine the best way in which to foist this decadent plan on the citizens of their respective countries. [2]

Secretaries Rice, Gutierrez and Chertoff along with their counterparts in the other two countries were to identify goals, priorities and concerns then create a trilateral/trinational report of their findings. Probably, the most important aspect of their report was the implementation part. [3]

So, there you have it. While the media concentrates on other diversions: terrorist explosions in London (who knows who really planted them?), the war in Iraq, partisan prattling and a myriad of other more trivial things like Tom Cruise and his latest romance, our treasonous leaders are giving our country away.


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[3] Ibid

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