A Clue to the Truth about 9/11 ?

Appendix 5 : A letter from Des Browne

This letter is not specifically about the Naudets in fact, it was a reply to a letter I wrote before I even suspected the Naudets, and before their film was first shown in the UK but it reveals some candid personal opinions of my MP since May 1997, who in August 2002 was a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Northern Ireland Office, during the 21-month tenure (practically a lifetime, for him) of "Mr Hunners-of-Jobs," Dr John Reid, PhD. A five-year-old letter from a government minister of the most junior rank might not be considered of crucial interest, except that this letter is about 9/11, and its writer in May 2006 went on to become Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Defence, a post he still holds (as of June 2007, doubling as Scottish Secretary) under Gordon Brown. This is what he told me five years ago on that subject ; one presumes that since his elevation to the exalted rank of Cabinet Minister (as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, in May 2005), Mr Browne's ideas have become rather more "on message," and he no longer has the remotest scintilla of doubt about "exactly who did what, when and why" the answer to all of them being "what he said" the occupant of the White House, that is. "Disinformation" ? "Propaganda" ? Who would be putting that out ? Not Western governments, surely ? "It is unlikely ... that we will ever really be sure of all the facts" : probably true, but how refreshing to hear a government minister saying it even if it was five years ago. Would he say the same today about the invasion of Iraq, which he loyally supported, and whose aftermath he is now lumbered with ? Is there any likelihood of the sceptic in Des Browne coming back from the dead again, or is that only going to happen, if ever, when he leaves office ?