A Clue to the Truth about 9/11?

10. Where next?

Depressing, but there are reasons for optimism. I say the Naudet film is one of the keys to 9/11 that will expose the true perpetrators. It is not just a documentary record of the crime, but an integral part of the crime. What can we do about it? For one thing, we can call for the issuing of FBI and international warrants for the arrest of the Naudets and everyone else involved in the filming of Flight 11. For another, until that happens, we can carry on asking questions about them. What does David Friend of Vanity Fair magazine, for example, know about this film? He is said to have known their father, Jean-Jacques, for years, and the brothers since childhood. What exactly was his role as one of 13 credited producers? What exactly was his role as author of "Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11" (September 2006)? Needless to say, the Flight 11 shot qualifies for inclusion. When did he get the idea for the book? "I decided before 9/11," he says, the twinkle in the eye not visible in print.

How involved is former Battalion Chief Pfeifer, after 9/11 promoted to Deputy Assistant Chief of the Department? Or is that totally unthinkable because his brother Kevin was one of the 343 FDNY fatalities — as unthinkable as the idea that the Pentagon could have been involved in 9/11 when it was one of the targets? As unthinkable as the idea that a businessman would ever burn down his own property for the insurance, or a murderer would ever shoot himself in the foot to make it look like self-defense: only in the cynical imaginations of Godless lefties and Bush-bashers. Never happens.

How involved are the other firemen from Duane Street seen in the film? Do they still work at Duane Street? Were at least some of the firemen who used to work there transferred elsewhere in the months leading up to 9/11? Was Duane Street gradually infiltrated, pre-9/11, by intelligence agents or assets masquerading as firemen, who could then themselves be "transferred" out again after the event? Transfers are nothing unusual: neither Pfeifer nor Benetatos (the 23-year-old "boy" who became a man) still works at Duane Street, and in September 2005 it was reported (Carl Glassman, Tribeca Tribune) that, of the 50 men who had worked there four years before, only 14 still did. Not included (see Appendix 3): James Hanlon, actor-fireman, now reduced to just actor, although last seen on screen — to my knowledge — in "Raising Helen" (2004). He is said in his biographies — such as they are — to speak French (and to have a French wife, Sophie Comet, also an actor): so why, throughout the film, does he refer to "Jools" and "Gideon"? Did he learn French for the brothers or for his wife? "9/11" has no scenes of Hanlon speaking in French with his "old friends": that doesn't prove he can't — but one scene would prove he could.

And where, come to that, are the brothers themselves — Jules Clément Naudet (allegedly born Paris, 26 April 1973) and Thomas Gédéon Naudet (allegedly born Paris, 27 March 1970) — and what are they doing these days? Is their "Seamus" project ever going to become their third film, six years after their last one and twelve years after graduating from New York University film school in 1995? What have they been living on since then? Barring expenses, the proceeds from "9/11" were meant to go to the UFA Scholarship Fund: how much has been raised so far? Why such a low profile when they should be American, if not international, celebrities? Was their first film made solely to establish a fake career for themselves as film-makers, as a front for their real occupation? Did they ever in fact attend New York University? Did they ever in fact work for Canal Plus TV in France? Can we even believe the above dates of birth — or the place? The Mayor's Office in Paris has no trace of birth certificates relating to the above names for any date between 1960 and 1980; that means that they were not born in that city, and the claim is false.

Their father, Jean-Jacques, has a profile just as low as the brothers', for someone who "has personally known most of the great photographers of our time" (David Schonauer, American Photo, November/December 2006). Even lower, if anything, in that I have yet to see a single photograph of this photojournalist: his picture does not even appear in his own books. He is said to work for the Hachette Filipacchi agency in the USA, to have been Editor-in-Chief of French Photo magazine 1976—1988 and to be currently Editor-at-large of American Photo, but I can find only two articles by him on the Internet, a review of film director Wim Wenders' book "Once" in American Photo, November/December 2001, and a piece on the highest-priced photograph in the world in Paris Match, 23 February 2006. Only three books: "Icons of the 20th Century: 200 Men and Women who have Made a Difference" (originally "Portraits du XXème Siècle: 200 Personnalités qui ont Marqué leur Époque"), with Barbara Cady, 1998/1999/2003; "Marilyn," 1999/2003; and "Marlene Dietrich: Photographs and Memories," with Maria Riva, 2001. Two articles and three books: like Goldfish Films, based at his Upper East Side home in New York (see picture, below, and the red inset showing tenants' names), with its grand total of two, not a lot of product to explain the Naudet lifestyle or the circles they move in.

I have written to all these people, to give them the chance to comment — or sue — without getting one reply; if they are outraged about the suggestion that they might be involved in mass murder, they have a strange way of showing it — never the reaction you would expect. But one person can't achieve much on his own: only concerted efforts are going to produce the truth we deserve. We owe it to all the victims and their loved ones — and to ourselves.

If you have suspicions about the Naudet film, put them to the people who made it and the people who appear in it: write to the Naudets c/o William Morris Agency, 1325 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019 or c/o Goldfish Pictures Inc., 38 East 73rd St, New York NY 10021 (home address of their father — telephone 212-535-1122; Jules Naudet can be emailed at jnaudet@nyc.rr.com); to DAC Joseph W. Pfeifer at Fire Department of New York, 9 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York NYT 11201; to the Chief, Battalion 1, 100 Duane Street, New York NY 10007; to Susan Zirinsky, CBS Executive Producer on the film, c/o CBS News, 524 West 57th Street, New York NY 10019; to Graydon Carter, Editor, or to David Friend, Editor of Creative Development, c/o Vanity Fair, 4 Times Square, Floor 22, New York NY 10036—6518; to the FBI, CIA and NSA by email; to your Representative or MP; to "mainstream" journalists, magazines and newspapers (if you have more faith in them than I do, after 9/11 yet again demonstrated their total gutlessness, dishonesty and irrelevance); to TV channels that show the Naudet film or the Flight 11 shot ... etc ... and if you have any comments, observations or constructive criticism, or information on the histories or whereabouts of the Naudets, Hanlon or the Duane Street "firemen," to: lesraphael@hotmail.com  
 *(telephone (00 44) 07972 503 836)*

If the Naudets themselves — wherever they may be — want to respond, or if they have evidence that could establish the Flight 11 film was genuinely accidental, despite 69 conveniences, they are more than welcome to provide it. I will withdraw this entire article, given good reason: there are easier ways of passing the time.