These are the photos that were taken 5/14/2013 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, at a T-Ball game. The dust in the air is from Crystalline Silica Sand. Look up the MSDS sheet for Crystalline Silica Sand and you will see the dire and sometimes deadly effects of this sand. This 5 year old boy lives on a farm with 5 gas wells and his family’s water is undrinkable. They are forced to endure blow offs from one of the gas wells on an almost daily basis. These blow outs distribute very toxic contaminants into the atmosphere. They have rashes, nose bleeds, joint pain, hair loss and asthma. These photos represent the terrible affects of fracking in Pennsylvania. Silica is used during the fracking process. Thanks to Debbie for these photos.


Fayette 1


Fayette 2


Fayette 3